Well over the last few days Life at Fruitbowl is under high radar. The members of our charade are always on their toes. Why do you ask? Well, there’s a battle going on! It may not be on the surface but under the serene surface there are currents raging. Lesson 1: Survival of the fittest I know you’ve heard our tagline – “Survival of the Freshest”, but with the dawn of freshness also comes the inert ability to be the fittest! And since we deal in digital..Well, you got to survive digitally..If you’re thinking a “digital war”.. Well, you’re quite right! To survive at Fruitbowl You have to learn how to battle. Weapons required are ‘stealth’, a ‘creative zing’, and ‘attentive mind’. Lesson 2: Sharpen your swords What we mean by that is ofcorse ‘Sharpen your skills’. What ‘Skills’ am I talking about? Well, do you have a fast tongue, or more specifically, fast fingers? Can you get into the enemy’s territory undetected? And leave it with a special distaste? Lessson 3: Raise your Defences While you might be raging someone else’s territory and breaking down their walls (or dirtying it with your posts), you got to protect your own! You can’t leave your space unsupervised. There are no sides. Every (wo)man for himself! Yup, Not even the interns are spared. If you still wondering what historic, epic battle I’m talking about…There’s only one way to figure that out. Spend a Day with us.. Sign into your Facebook account while you’re here and then stroll around teh office. What happens next is… fruit bowl mazza]]>