www.ahh.com website, they take it a step further! This website transports you into an entire new world of CocaCola that is interweaved with the ahhh effect!

 coke5 coke3 coke4

The site hosts several other games and interactive microsites that are so addictive that you are tempted to try all of them!! Well, the real question is..How much of the Aaaaah effect can you take?? The website is a must to try! With it’s colourful and creative animations it will take more than a simple glance. You will be drawn to click on the colourful icons and try ! This is once again Coca Cola at its best! Or maybe I’ve just got the Ahhh Fever… It’s contagious I warn you!! Avoid the site if you don’t want to get hooked… Ohk.. Got to go.. My Game awaits!!]]>