apple-logo-history-012-resized-600 The Logo draws it’s inspiration from the apple that caused revolution! The Apple that changed the way men think and caused a stir. Yes, the apple that hit Newton! Over the years the logo has changed and modified. Today it is created using minimalistic design. This is the same principle that governs most of Apple’s innovations. Another Logo recognized worldwide: CocaCola logo. When you see this logo you can see the ribbon texture used by the company. This induces the “flow” and “refreshment” that the drink provides. The CocaCola logo has also gone through a lot of change over the years and today it incorporates its unique Bottle structure in its logo as well. AM_706x264_Heritage_logos   Mercedes. It’s famous three pointed star logo exudes elegance and class. Something that the brand promotes through all of its brand products and communication. The logo defines the brand! merce2 The Logo speaks your brand, and it says it in the minimalist way possible. What does your brand stand for? Can you say it in a single image? A logo is more than just a sketch or a scribble on a paper!]]>