“Fashion is a very personal experience. We believe that only mobile can truly deliver this experience as it captures user’s lifestyle and context in manner that no other medium does. Think of all the hardware and software features that one can leverage like camera, contact, location etc. to understand the user’s context and deliver the experience that is deeply personalized,” -Mukesh Bansal, Myntra CEO. Since the launch of the new strategy, sales have dropped 10% for the online retailer. Amazon and SnapDeal, the competitors, have shown no interest of following Myntra’s footsteps. They believe that a large amount of their users still use PCs to shop online, and they don’t want to force them to use a specific medium to access the website. Myntra defends their move by saying that they can focus development on the app, thus making the experience better for everyone. Their move could be promising, or the 10% loss might be static, only time will show.]]>