3           4           2           5           6             Okay, let’s get it straight. There are thousands of porn sites and a thousand ways to access them. Banning them on Indian ISPs is not the only solution. Also, There are tons of vulnerable issues around internet but porn. It’s one of the best sources for one to fulfil his/her fantasies which, if not satisfied can lead to something as serious as rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence out of frustration. Let’s have a look on some serious issues on the search engine – 1. How to make homemade bombs? Untitled-1         2. How to make a real gun? Untitled-2         3. How to grow weed? Untitled-3           Oh btw, 9gag.tv is banned as well. Gagging is not just related to porn; can we just grow up to something more serious? giphy]]>