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Nicolas Bouquet
Nicolas is our dedicated interface for European customers, His grey hair is the
proff of the experience he brings along. Briefs, specifications, deadlines and
technology are his everyday words. You can ask him anything, from very special
dev to underground house music.
Say hello the French way!

Rajdeep Patil - Art Director
Engineer by Education. Quit a 7 digit salary to pursue his passion for art and
photography, believes in communicating with the minimal possible illustrations
and is nothing less than a creative compass for Fruitbowl Digital. In addition to
his creative duties at Fruitbowl Digital, he pursues an active life in fashion
photography, modelling. In the end, the dots connect, he believes.

Brijesh Solanki - Sr. Brand Associate
Having specialization in Business Strategic tieups. Brijesh has been enjoying his
professional carrier from nearly 6 years, servicing international and domestic
market with different hats of Marketing, Strategy making and Business
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