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Faisal Amin – Co-Founder
Faisal was recently recognised as the “50 Best Digital Marketing Professionals” in
the country. As the Head of Marketing & Operations, he is responsible for
strategic direction and business development strategy of Fruitbowl. Faisal
strongly believes that the future of marketing lies in integrating offline and online
for a enriched user experience.

Dedeepya Reddy - Co-Founder
Dedeepya has worked in the digital arena for over 9 years and as the Head of
Media & Strategy, is responsible for the overall operational performance at
Fruitbowl Digital. She is highly skilled digital strategist & believes that digital will
become part of the DNA of all the successful organisations.

Dilip Jain – Operations Head
Dilip Jain's vast experience of different aspects of the industry has earned him
the title of Digital Maven. He indeed is a jack of all trades whilst master of Digital
Arena. His Entrepreneurship background and Master's in commerce helps him
understand needs of different business and develop strategies best suited for
different objectives.
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