With April fools just gone by, this post is dedicated to a prank that is making quite a few rounds on the internet. Uhmmm, but before we jump into the post let me ask you what are you expecting?
A silly prank between siblings? No.
Someone waking up to cream on their face? No. But quite close.
Someone waking up with nothing on their face. Surprisingly, the answer is Yes! Absolutely Nothing!

Check out this video! And you’ll get an idea of what I mean!
Well, lets say you wake up after getting zonked out only to find yourself in the air!
I mean, in the “air”!!! Falling at a tremendous speed! And the only thing you can think of is..
“What THE #$%#”! How DID I GET HERE!!”
..And as your mind tries to figure that out, your gradually getting closer and closer to the surface..And in a few minutes you’re going to be apple sauce on a side walk! But wait a Minute…
“Who the h%$# am I strapped onto?”

This prank was one of the craziest I’ve seen! Played on Youtuber Josh Paler Lin by his crazy friends. Trust me you would want to get friends like his! I’m sure their facebook page is flooding with new requests this minute!
Josh didn’t get up until he was suspended in teh air. His friends made sure hius ears were plugged so he wouldn’t awake from his slumber as they carried (read as ‘dragged’ ) his body from his home to the launch pad and strapped onto a professional!
You don’t believe me? Check the video out for yourself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koN0tzWQsa4
If I were you, I would already be scanning Facebook for his friends! I need friends like that!