Young Energy Savers is a brand which is all about educating youngsters about saving energy, protecting the environment and utilizing natural resources at its best.  On the occasion of Women’s Day,2014 we decided to use this opportunity to educate children about the extraordinary work done by Women all around our globe. We were really excited with the whole theme and started our research as soon as we got the approval. In no time, another beautiful idea pops in – i.e. to make a cover photo of all the women who did something significant in order to conserve our nature.

This is how it looked like:

 Women's Day

We decided to upload 3 posts and give some insights of their struggle and their achievements.

The 3 posts were as follows:

Navdanya Movement by Vandana Shiva:


Navdanya Movement led by Vandana Shiva which in English means ‘Nine Seeds Movement’ seeks to empower local Indian farmers to move away from growing any genetically modified organism (GMOs) on their land and return to organic, chemical-free practices. This movement has reached over 5,000,000 Indian farmers and created over 65 seed banks around India.

Navdanya fights to eliminate the commercialization of indigenous knowledge also known as ‘Biopiracy’.

Green Belt Movement by Wangari Maathai:



The Green Belt Movement which was found by a Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai. In June 1977, A few women planted 7 trees in Maathai’s backyard. By 2005, 30 million trees had been planted by participants in the Green Belt movement on public and private lands. (Such is the power of spreading positivity and doing good deeds).

Undoubtedly, this movement led by Maathai helped the rural women in getting self-employed.


A book which created Revolution: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.

Silent Spring – A book by Racheal Carson which was on the bestseller list for 10 years continuously in spite being criticized. She believed that human and nature are mutually dependent on each other. She argued that industrial activities such as the usage of pesticides can damage the earth’s ecosystem and will have far-reaching ecological consequences such as future human health problems.

Today, scientific studies have demonstrated these consequences.


We were really proud with our whole campaign, educating people about the extra-ordinary work done by extra-ordinary Women. This women were an inspiration to all of us and therefore, we choose to dedicate our Women’s day to them.

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