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Fruitbowl Digital: Video Advertising Agency in Mumbai, India

Video Advertising refers to the advertising that occurs around a video stream or upload. A video advertising agency works towards promoting a video, created with or provided by the client, across multiple platforms in an effort to enhance its reach and multiply the viewership. Video is now the favored medium for cross-platform and widespread advertising, so making sure it reaches the appropriate viewers is priority. People watch videos now more than ever, and search engines recognize this trend, giving more space for video results. A video advertising agency will use various methods to ensure the content reaches the relevant target groups.
Video advertising involves both, paid and unpaid services to enhance the visibility of the content. Search Engine Marketing includes paid as well as organic search result optimization. This also exploits social media to influence consumers that the advertised brand and/or its product are favorable. The content can also be pushed across the web using influencers in the relevant industries, who will not only expose a new audience to your content but also make it more reputable for the audience, due to its association with the influencers. The primary aim of this practice is to convince industry thought leaders to validate and spread a brand’s content across their networks, thereby greatly increasing the reach of the same.
Creating content in video format leaves massive room for further advertising in the form of podcasts, blogs, social media content series, etc. all based on the content that can be pulled from a single published video. Repurposing of the video content allows for cross-platform advertising that incorporates all the various available formats, to promote your company and its services effectively. Aside from these practices, each social media platform has its own convenient methods for promoting content which can be used to advertise the videos further.

Video Advertising for Small Businesses

For any small business, the biggest hindrance in growth is the lack of awareness amongst their target audience. Numerous social media platforms have now integrated services that facilitate the growth of small to medium businesses. These businesses have to devise intelligent publicity strategies, that will be strong yet economic. The advertising of their brand or services through videos is the best way a small business can achieve quick and cost-efficient marketing success in this age of digital presence. Employing a video advertising company, to promote their content across all the available platforms, will effectively showcase the business to a diverse target audience. A single video can be advertised on various platforms, repurposed for other formats, and be made part of a campaign that effectively leads consumers to conclude that their brand is the best for them. Once a video advertising campaign is launched once, it can keep growing based on the business’ budget, and the increase in reach from a single such campaign is well worth the investment.

Video Advertising Services by Fruitbowl Digital

  1. Youtube Video Advertising – Youtube is the largest video-sharing platform, with of the widest ranging reaches in the world. Advertising your company’s video on this platform is one of the easiest ways to widen your target audience. Advertising on Youtube can either be in the form of pre-roll videos and also through search results and suggested videos, which also takes advantage of simple search engine optimization.
  2. Facebook Video Promotion – Facebook is the most popular social media service with the highest number of users. Video promotion on Facebook can be done by boosting a post on your page that includes a video.
  3. Instagram Video Advertising – Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook and is a highly visual platform used by a large audience. Videos posted on a business page can be promoted and will be advertised based on one’s selection of audience, budget and duration.
  4. Twitter Video Advertising – Twitter is one of the most popular online news and social networking services, that is used on a daily basis by a wide target audience. Similar to the other platforms, Twitter allows for your tweets to be promoted as a paid service, to reach users outside your current following.