A millennium has passed but Shakespeare’s this question raised in Hamlet will never get old!

Social Media has now taken it upon itself to make life easier for this skeptic race that on one side hold onto their
individuality (Be like Shahenshah!) and on the other side drink to breathe (Don’t be like Devdas!)

crisis still haunts people of all age groups and genders. And not only does it haunt us humans but these little
tomatoes that question whether they are vegetables or fruits.

And now with all the advancements in Internet take all the guidance you need for your love life.

When he asks you “What would it take for you to be mine?” Always have an answer know your actual worth, Be like
Gabbar! And later when he says, “Ek baar jo commitment kar di to phir me apne app ki bhi nahi sunta.

” Know he is Radhe! Prevent yourself from being someone you are not. Don’t turn into a lemon if you are just a lemonade.”