With the dawn of Facebook about 12 years gone, and after kicking Orkut into oblivion, started the golden age of social media. Since then, many shiny new social mediums have tried and fallen but Facebook has managed to sustain itself in this fickle world.

With the attention span of a human growing even shorter than that of a goldfish, Facebook has managed to snag the attention and interest both for more than a decade (that’s more than the the shelf life of a marriage :O). So how has Facebook managed to attain such a feat? Well, by introducing new updates every few months and the current feature of Facebook Live has gained immense impetus.

One of the hottest trends, the Live (Timeline) Poll has taken social media by storm. Anything and everything can be up for vote – a choice between Messi or Ronaldo, Rachel and Ross or Monica and Chandler, Rakhi Sawant or Mallika Sherawat, after watching Sasural Simar Ka, how would you prefer to terminate your life – gun or poison? This new feature has managed to gain immense impetus.

Since people all over the world are going gaga over Live Poll, let’s take a look at this current fad. Here we’ll tackle the three most important question in regards to Facebook Live Poll – What? How? Why?


What Is Facebook Live Poll?

From puppy or kitten  to which Alia Bhatt’s performance is your favourite – Udta Punjab or Dear Zindagi,

Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal,
Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger,
Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen,
WeeD VS BeeR,
everything is up for vote.

In fact the recent American Presidential Election too was featured on Facebook Live Poll. Even after the elections, the candidates are still the hot favorites of the Live Poll where polling about Should Trump prosecute Hillary? What Trump should do with illegal immigrants in America? Do you support Trump if he calls for an arrest of Soros?
The list is exhausting as apparently the users have a lot of free time as do we since we’ve been following it.


How To Create Facebook Live Poll?

Unlike most other Facebook updates and features, this feature is a tad bit tricky. And we’re here to help you deal with this damn thing.

So here goes.

Download a free and full zip where which contains all the elements needed to build your own webpage. To make it easier for technologically stunted people here is a little help – download  Live Reaction.

The next step is to create your Facebook Access token and then set up your Facebook Live. The last step is to publish your Facebook Live and open it to the masses to start polling.

Now with that outta the way. We move on to the most important question that’s been plaguing our little goldfish minds for a while now.

Why Use Facebook Live Poll?

On the surface, it seems amusing to vote over trivial matters, but the massive response and reactions helps boosting the page views and popularity of that particular page. And since Facebook pushes live videos higher in the Newsfeed, it is also conducive for boosting your page’s visibility and helps generate more visits to your page.The business pages on Facebook can also make use of this opportunity by polling, which would help them gauge the consumer’s wants and preferences.

So, we think one of the crucial question to be included should be – To poll or Not Poll? What’s your vote?

Let’s make Harvey Dent proud, shall we!!