Strategy and Planning Agency

No one can know more about your brand than you! And the perfect strategy takes time and careful planning. We need to be precise in the decision we take, as it will affect your brand image. Which is why our strategists believe that when planning a strategy, we begin the process by consulting with you.
We help you determine the message you are trying to send to your target audience. Therefore with extensive research, planning & discussions about the product, market and competition we create the perfect strategy.

Brand positioning Strategy

It requires that you strategically place your brand in front of the right audience to get the maximum exposure to your brand.

Communication Strategy

We follow a communications language that reflects your brand positively and in engaging manner to build your fan following online.

Consumer Experience Strategy

We help companies refine sales and channel management approaches to better serve targeted customer segments, maximize sales, and minimize costs.

Brand Experience Design

Experience design is the practice of designing products, processes, services, events, and environments with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant solutions.

Competitive / Comparative Analysis

In the present competitive market, competitive/comparative analysis is what can keep your brand moving. To outsmart your competitors you must know what they are up to!

Product Design and Development

Product design and development is making your sure that your product is appealing to your target audience from outside as well from the inside. 

Product Launch Strategy

Introducing a new product and getting consumers interested in it is a challenge and with right strategy and campaign you can not only become the talk of the town but can also encourage maximum people to try your product.

Brand activation Strategy

Brand activation focuses on building a longer term emotional connection between the brand and the customer.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR programs are all about fulfilling your social responsibilities with corporate responsibilities and we can help you with right campaign, themes and how to showcase or a corporate profile around it.


Fruitbowl Digital specializes in strategy, planning & integration of digital media which helps our clients attain maximum benefit.

Several digital media agencies take several factors into consideration while they plan the strategic growth for their brand. The main aim of any plan is to improve the service and increase revenue. It is the duty of the agency to see to it that the agency attains these objectives. Fruitbowl Digital works on the key requirements of the brand while taking into consideration several factors before them, device a strategy for brand growth.

IT all starts with lining out the key objectives your brand wishes to attain over a certain period of time.

The most common objectives for a brand are –

  • Increase In sales
  • Fan Acquisition
  • Creating Brand Awareness

Every plan devised by the agency should take into consideration all the objectives of the brand. It is the only way to determine success. Through an agency’s guidance, it is suggested to create realistic targets for a brand. Create objectives that are realistic and attainable. The goal of a planner is to help enable the media agency to keep in touch with the target audience for the brand and understand the consumers’ needs and requirements. Only through quantitative & qualitative research can the agency pin point the needs of the consumers.

Through imperative research the agency gets an objective view of the customer and gives an indication of the success or failure for a product.

The process of planning is continuous. The defining and redefining of goals and objectives is never ending process which has to be undertaken by the agency. The process of planning & strategizing begins way before the ads are run and continues long after. The agency usually meet with the client to define marketing & advertising objectives. After which the agency creates a proper strategy. Along with the approval of the client, this strategy becomes the basis of all future campaigns to be executed.