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Humans love to fall in love; Likewise consumers expect to stay connected with brands that interact/share and do lot more to increase their post purchase experience. We believe that every brand needs a plan to sweep consumers off their feet. By infiltrating our audience’s tribes, we learn how to speak their language and behave as they do. There, we learn how they interact with our clients’ and their competitors’ products. This helps us uncover unique insights about their culture. We then develop an actionable plan that’s grounded in reality. We design brand experiences that connect through the most powerful platforms.

Forget the small talk, we believe in building relationships


Facebook Apps

Facebook has now become the epicenter of all marketing strategies. Therefore Facebook applications act as the most essential and functional tool for the survival of a brand on this particular social medium.

Contests, Surveys & Sweepstakes

We can develop Facebook apps to run specific contests, conduct surveys and for sweepstakes.

Social gaming

Can create various single and multi-player social games that people of all ages can enjoy.

Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing is an integral part of the web and is beneficial for increasing search results.

Social Analytics

Find important data from the activities to understand the effectiveness of each activity, the amount spent, and how to utilize resources better.

Data Mining

Collecting important database for future reference that is to be utilized later, like email database, gender and age data.

Conversation Monitoring

Conversation monitoring helps in finding out more about the behaviors of visitors to your website and where the conversion influence can be improved.

Community Development

Building a community space where people can relate and communicate with brand even beyond social space.

Video Content Production

Interactive video creation with unique and engaging concept using the latest technology 2D, 3D, Typography, Educative/Instructional Videos, Live action, Animated Videos, Tutorial, Stop motion, Tutorial videos, timelapse etc.

Viral video strategy

Taking video marketing to next level and creating a video that appeals to masses with an innovative approach to Video marketing.

Influencer Outreach

Getting influencers on board and having brand advocates that have influencing opinions that directly reflect on your brand’s status.

Campaign Development and Execution

Developing campaigns keeping in mind target audience and business objective and executing it to the best.

Social Tracking and Reporting

It helps in keeping an eye on the social activities and reporting to let you know of the direct benefits and impact of activities happening on your social platforms.



Facebook is the one medium we simply cannot ignore in this day and age. It is the most actively used platform for social networking.


Twitter is the quickest way to spread the word. It helps to liven up your image. It is quick, to the point and one step ahead of all social platforms


This is one of the fastest growing platforms for sharing best suited for fashion/food etc. It is more personal and can be used as a digital scrapbook


As its title suggests, Instagram is instant! It is very personalized  & is a great source of engagement among people.


It is the second largest search engine, after Google. It’s free,  has powerful content which has the potential to become viral & has audience on a global level.


Tumblr is a blogging platform for people, brands and businesses that want to excel online. It’s unique because it’s also something of a social network, where rapid viral sharing can take place.


Vimeo is a video sharing platform that offers great SEO value for your video content. It might not be as large as YouTube, it does not have any distractions & has its niche community of enthusiasts.


One of the many features offered by the photography-based social networking site Flickr is the ability to join a vast array of photography groups. It provides larger exposure to pictures posted online.


The most SEO friendly search social platform that directly reflects on your website and search rankings.


Blogging usually starts out as a hobby only to become a full-time business. Static websites don’t attract many new clients or customers. But a regularly updated blog can produce a constant stream of good leads from all around the world.


One of the hottest areas in mobile technology is geo-location based services that offer real time interaction between your destination and your online audience.


LinkedIn is not merely a social network aimed for business users. Rather, it should be viewed as an online network of influential people all over the world.


Vine is an app owned and created by Twitter that allows you to create and share short video clips. Vine encourages, small, snappy moments or thoughts that appear to be spontaneously shared with the public.


StumbleUpon is a social media bookmarking site that allows users to “like” websites and add them to their profile. These websites are then shared with their friends through their profile


Keek is advertised as “the easiest way to create and share video updates with friends!” Sharing videos with friends and followers around the world has become as easy as sending a Tweet.


Fruitbowl Digital: Top Social Media Marketing Company

Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life. People all over the world are using social media to connect and communicate. Due to social media, people staying on opposite ends of the earth can remain connected and close with various social media networks. Social media has not just been restricted for social uses. Businesses too are making use of them in an attempt to connect with the millennials. Using social media is a direct and smart way of connecting with consumers all over the world. It helps for the company to reach globally. With unique combinations of refreshing creativity, attitude, strategy and technology, Fruitbowl Digital, a complete Social Media Marketing Agency is bringing the brands closer to the consumers.

Social Media Marketing Firm For Startups

Startups in any stage can use social media to grow and establish its strong presence with a strong social media audience following it. Social media helps reaching the audience organically and helps boosting sales. But for that to happen, strong social profiles and pages, quality content and engaging with the audience is a must. Each social networking mediums have individual characteristics and should be used accordingly, making use of their unique features to your advantage. And now social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc can also be used for advertising as it helps targeting the specific consumers, which helps all the more in increasing the sales.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Companies

Businesses of all sizes, be it a small-medium enterprise or a full-fledged company can make use of social media marketing to their advantage. It helps building a strong presence among the consumers. There are special social media marketing agencies that handle the social media end for the companies and optimized the social media to its full potential. Influencer marketing is one of the smartest and advantageous ways of making use of social media in order to drive up the sales. A strong social media presence also helps creating trust and credibility in the minds of the consumers. Creating a favourable online reputation helps in the branding of the company. Social media marketing is also cost effective because it cuts down on unnecessary advertising and marketing as social media helps in laser focused targeting of consumers.

Social Media Platforms for Marketing and Branding

In the recent times social media platforms have become a leading ground for marketing and advertising by the social media marketing companies. They are extremely advantageous as a specific group of consumers can be targeted after researching people’s interests, behaviour and demographics. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and many more can be used for advertising, especially influencer marketing. Using that ideal “influencer” with huge followers to market the product. It helps in catering to the specific audience. Paid advertisements are also one way to go for marketing as it helps reaching a global audience. With such a far-reaching potential, social media is now one of the foremost choice for branding and marketing by businesses.

Award-winning Social Media Campaigns by Fruitbowl Digital

Creating awe-inspiring digital footprints and earth-shattering campaigns, Fruitbowl Digital, a full-fledged social media marketing company was established in 2010 by co-founders Dedeepya Reddy and Faisal Amin. Recognised among the Top 50 Best Digital Marketing Professionals, Faizal Amin is the Marketing Head and has created award-winning social media campaigns. Fruitbowl Digital has worn several awards over the years. To name a few, Best Performance Driven Campaign for Reliance Commercial Finance, Long Term Strategy for Vadilal Brand Repositioning, Best Digital Integrated Campaign for Reliance Energy and Gold Award for the Best Digital Marketing Campaign at the Asian Customer Engagement Forum for Reliance Energy are some of the awards won.

Social Media Services Provided by Fruitbowl Digital

A full service Interactive Social Media Marketing Agency, Fruitbowl Digital, giving talent and passion the utmost priority, has a tight-knit team working with a goal of creating powerful brand experiences. Established with the motto 0f ‘Survival of the Freshest’ provides a plethora of social media services. The A-Z of social media services are provided by social media marketing agencies but at Fruitbowl you get something more. Along with the conventional services like Social marketing programs to Social Analytics, Video content production to Viral video strategy, Campaign development to Social tracking and reporting, and Data mining to Community development, the services provided are stunning and innovative and have that X-factor to make it unique and at the same time personalised.