We all use Social Media. So,when we have a complaint about a company, The first thing we do is we search for their Facebook Page/ Twitter Handle and tell them a complaint because we know its way too easier to get an immediate response than anything. But you never know what kind of an immediate reply that maybe!

Well,This is the case of US Airways. Recently when a customer complained about multiple delays of airlines, the kind of response the customer received was really something disturbing!


Well,the response the US Airways posted after this was a pornographic image of a lady using Air plane as a sex toy! The picture was posted on Monday that remained up for roughly one hour before it was eventually removed. Well, when the company and the customer were facing problems. Twitter users seemed to have a ball! 

Here are some of the hilarious tweets which will make you laugh out loud!

Remember this guy from Airplane? :)







Eventually,this was going to happen! No.1 Trending Topic!


Well, after a hour this is what US Airways had to reply. Poor People!


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