Here’s a day we are all thankful for! Social Media today has changed the way we communicate on a daily basis. Starting from the way we celebrate to the way we mourn and finally to the way we rebel – it has given us a platform to express what we want and do it at ease.

As the founding partner of Fruitbowl Digital, Mumbai’s Social Media agency, we have been working with biggest brands of the country. We saw brands from various sectors adapting to the social media wave. Brands from the FMCG & Apparel Sector were amongst the first ones to jump onto the social media brand wagon; followed by event planners, journalists, hotels, small business & surprisingly so POLITICIANS. We tracked how Barack Obama & Narendra Modi took advantage of this media to perfection. Social media is perceived as one of the most important marketing channels.  If you aren’t there, and your competitors are, you could be losing out on a major chunk of business opportunities.

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