Snapchat it seems is the all new rage sweeping the young and old alike with its strong wave.
Snapchatting ‘IS THE NEW VERB’, synonymous in its competition with whatsapping and googling.
Snapchat is the new chat. Sure adding colours with vibrant pictures to the chat definitely perks the
conversation and Snapchat takes it a notch above by making snaps the articulation of words.
Everything right from clothes to cakes, décor to doodles, friends to foes is being snapped. Life is
more into snaps than into living.

Snap 1

Snapchat is the new timeline, the new spectacle. Everything worth telling is snapped. It is an
addition to the digital must haves list and is expanding the digital market one snap at a time. Top
notch companies and brands are coming with their Snapchat ids, because the working and
functioning of individual companies are no longer matters of privacy. Every company and brand feels
deeply for the need of being intimate with its customers. Snapping is the new way of penetrating the
lives of the consumers. It seems as if these days life has become the new market and people the new
brand. Maybe this is called evolution.

snap 2.

So the debate remains the same-“Has snapchat become the new expression?”