As an agency that has been in digital arena long enough, we have a lot of inputs to share about brand communication. As we have experienced first-hand, we believe that brand communication has evolved of the last decade. The main purpose of brand communication is to deliver the message of your brand in an effective and no nonsense manner to the selected target audience. As an agency it is our duty to understand your needs and requirements and accordingly use the allocated budgets. It is imperative that an agency gains maximum insights into the brands needs and requirements. Such information helps us in optimizing your brand! At Fruitbowl Digital We specialize in the following categories –

  • Events
  • Creative Advertising Design
  • 2D/3D Illustration and Design
  • Content Strategy & Copywriting
  • Print Packaging and Pros
  • Videos
  • Brand Identity and Messaging
  • Video Production
  • Brand Activation

The main reason for brand communication is to close the gap between what perceptions the target audience has made towards the brand. Fruitbowl Digital excels at managing brand communications that properly position the brand in the consumer’s daily life. Out duty is to offer brand services that help in creating a connecting factor with your rand to the target audience. A great amount of creative planning and execution are carried out to make sure good impact and supreme effectiveness. Over the years we have worked on several brands and as a result of this we can determine that to achieve success, it is vital to build a great value for your brand it is essential to create, build and manage it with great care. By branding your products and communicating thoroughly, you will achieve sure shot success as well as attain a good market value for your brand. Fruitbowl Digital believes that each brand is different in its own way and there are no similar qualities for the success of each brand.


Fruitbowl Digital specializes in strategy, planning & integration of digital media which helps our clients attain maximum benefit. Several digital media agencies take several factors into consideration while they plan the strategic growth for their brand. The main aim of any plan is to improve the service and increase revenue. It is the duty of the agency to see to it that the agency attains these objectives. Fruitbowl Digital works on the key requirements of the brand while taking into consideration several factors before them, device a strategy for brand growth. IT all starts with lining out the key objectives your brand wishes to attain over a certain period of time. The most common objectives for a brand are –

  • Increase In sales
  • Fan Acquisition
  • Creating Brand Awareness

Every plan devised by the agency should take into consideration all the objectives of the brand. It is the only way to determine success. Through an agency’s guidance, it is suggested to create realistic targets for a brand. Create objectives that are realistic and attainable. The goal of a planner is to help enable the media agency to keep in touch with the target audience for the brand and understand the consumers’ needs and requirements. Only through quantitative & qualitative research can the agency pin point the needs of the consumers. Through imperative research the agency gets an objective view of the customer and gives an indication of the success or failure for a product. The process of planning is continuous. The defining and redefining of goals and objectives is never ending process which has to be undertaken by the agency. The process of planning & strategizing begins way before the ads are run and continues long after. The agency usually meet with the client to define marketing & advertising objectives. After which the agency creates a proper strategy. Along with the approval of the client, this strategy becomes the basis of all future campaigns to be executed.


Web development is generally related to developing the back end of the website. The main focus of a web developing agency is to focus on how a website works. It is the duty of a trusted web development agency to know how web forums work and how to keep a website running smoothly. The main functionality behind web development is that is it strictly related to development websites. The major components of web development are – web designing, web content development, client – side scripting etc. The design team at Fruitbowl works hard to make killer user interfaces and application interfaces for your website. We also offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so we can advise you on on-going strategies to make sure your site attracts and maintains plenty of interested web traffic. Fruitbowl Digital excels in –

  • CMS
  • User Experience Development
  • Product Launch & Campaign Microsites
  • Response Websites
  • Website Designing & Implementation
  • Brand Interface Creation
  • Website Redevelopment
  • Corporate Websites
  • Website Performance Optimization
  • Ecommerce Sites

Proper web functionality is created through web development. It consists of coding and writing mark up. Web development in today’s generation has also impacted networking and marketing. The websites built today are not just built for work. They mainly serve the purpose of communication and much more.


At Fruitbowl Digital, we strive to use every medium possible to generate maximum profit for your business. We believe in integrated marketing campaigns that are innovative as well as effective. Digital Emailers are a great medium of targeting customers through web/mobiles. Through Emailers, we target a specific target audience for the best possible outcome.

The key objective of a good customer relationship management is to use integrated CRM to streamline businesses and boost sales. CRM is connected to numerous advantages for companies. To benefit from all of the possibilities, however, a business will have to select the best customer relationship management system for its needs.

Frutibowl Digital is well equipped in –

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Interest based email targeting
  • Email acquisition + lead generation
  • Customer data base generation
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Direct marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Interactive email programs
  • Campaign Optimization and Multivariate Testing

The success of a brand depends on its capability to cater to the needs of its consumers. The key to the success of any brands depends upon knowing about your target audience, their likes and preferences, responding to their queries, helping in solving their problems, and delivering an enlightening experience. All of this is possible through CRM.