Do you really want to make a viral video and gain instant popularity??

Then here are our secrets :

Viral-ness of your video = Clickability  X Sharibility of the video!

While some videos can go viral over the night, some may require the initial push to be a massive Hit.

Well, for all those who think it’s all a matter of luck. Here are some of the key principles to follow:

1.Think like an Entertainer!

No matter for what purpose you are making your video for.

Always ask yourself one question – Will others enjoy it till the last second? If yes, then go ahead. If No, then rework on your concept. Rework on your storytelling. Do not keep your videos for more than 5 minutes. Keep it short and crisp.

2.Get it technically correct!

YouTube is changing! Gone are the days when YouTube was exclusively a place for one-hit, user-generated viral videos. According to The Wall Street Journal, 9 of the top 10 most viral videos on YouTube in 2012 were created by professional producers. So don’t let your concept go waste. There are ample of companies who will produce your video 100 times better, Hire them!

3.Grab the attention in the start!

It is really necessary to capture the user attention within the first 5 – 10 seconds. This can be done in many ways through some catchy music, indifferent introduction, but perhaps the most effective (if you can afford it) is the use of celebrities.

4.Keep it emotionally attached.

You have caught the user’s attention, now what next? Keep them Interested. Your video needs to provoke the emotions of your audience by making them smile, laugh, cry or frustrated. Keep them emotionally engaged.

5.Surprise, Don’t Shock!

We all love Surprises, We all love Shocks- NO! One of the assured tactic you can get right is This!

If you really want your video to be shared for a good reason! Then make sure your video surprises and not shocks or scares people because we want to make people happy and not turn them into pranksters!



these were some of the key principles to make your video go Viral through your Content!


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