Zodiac Clothing is one of the largest shirt companies, that designs, manufactures and sells quality shirts to the best brands and stores across the globe. Zodiac has been in the business of men’s fashion for the last 58 years and is renown in India for providing the finest quality clothing.
What Did we do for Zodiac? We drastically improved the performance of Zodiac Clothing’s online and digital presence creating apps, emailers, an engaging Facebook, Twitter, Instagram page; Creating a new way this brand of classics communicate with the modern audience.

Zodiac launched the Biella Collection, an exquisite range of suits targeted to those with a fine taste of luxury and comfort. To introduce this collection we created a dedicated Microsite that allowed for direct appointments, intriguing emailers, and launched the collection on social media platforms. Biella Collection was more than welcomed by the audience.

Reasons Why was a campaign that highlighted the meticulous facets that make Zodiac Clothing an exquisite clothing brand. This Campaign was promoted through an interactive App wherein participants view a video and answer questions based on the content. These questions highlighted the quality, perfection and finesse of Zodiac Clothing’s products.