Being a digital agency, we love to keep an update of what’s going around the social media.

Influencers can prove to be one of the best practices to amplify your brand’s presence online or offline. Influencers are the best choices to get your message buzzing over the wide-spread social media. These influencer campaigns need to be managed smartly and strategically or they can go drastically wrong.

Have a look at this campaign we came across, on twitter –



















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Looks like they forgot the main part here, maybe they just had a certain budget allotted which they smartly divided into ‘x’ number of influencers with ‘n’ number of fan followings, but they missed on the strategy part.

Apart from this, we have witnessed some really brilliant influencer campaigns and we think, influencer campaigns if planned well, can be the best source of organic interaction and engagement for the brand.

Here is all you need to do for a successful influencer campaign.

1. Set Relevant and Achievable Goals – Every successful campaign starts with setting of a certain goal to achieve, a campaign without goal is like a rollercoaster with no rails – no controls, you don’t know where you’ll end up being.

2. Pick The Right Match Influencer(s) – The influencers you select play a major role in making or breaking of the campaign. The influencers need to be selected on the relevance and influence factors.
(Noob tip: Don’t go for influencers if you see #follow4follow or #like4like)

3. Organic Brand Integrations – A brand needs to understand the difference between organic and paid promotion. There has to be a balance between the content and strategy. The best way to manage content is by giving the influencers creative guidelines and a creative freedom, because an influencer knows its audience better.