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Mobile App Development Company

We convert killer ideas into reality. We think an application is an effective way to communicate and connect with the audience. We at Fruitbowl create everything from android apps, IOS apps, Facebook apps/Game, windows phone, Web Applications, Shopping-Portals, Web-Engines and all that you will need.

We create mobile apps across a range of mobile Operating System platforms that are custom built to cater specifically to your requirements. The apps help you to increase the brand awareness for the products and services, to improve efficiency of specific business processes and to bring your businesses a high degree of agility in data exchange and decision making.


We create apps for all the IOS devices ranging from Iphone to Ipad. We ensure that the app uses the full potential of IOS and gives us maximum results.


We created apps and games which are compatible for Facebook. We have being doing this from the start and now we are kind of pro at it! So just sit back and watch your brand interact with the audience.


We also create apps that are compatible with Windows phones. We make sure that the app utilizes every aspect of the operating system which will do wonders for your brand.


Explore our android app development solutions, choose us and give us a chance to be a part of your journey with reliable android application services.


Web based applications offer a great range of business advantages & far more compatible across platforms than traditional installed software.


Mobile advertising is a form of marketing through smartphones & other mobile devices. Although it is related to online or internet advertising, the reach achieved by this form of advertising is far greater.


If you have a certain specific area you need to target, location based marketing is apt for such a target audience.


We create highly functional multi player games/widgets  for your brand that cause direct interaction with the consumers and promote share-ability.


We create high functional as well as interactive apps for your your brand. The app will represent that brand image and maintain the same tonality.


The need of the hour today is to connect with customers on their terms & conditions, no matter what device they are using. Your brand needs to be available to them. We combine creativity and technology to tell your story through the mobile devices.


In today’s modern day and age, the task of promoting a brand has reached an all new level.  We live in the era of social media, where digital media has greatly evolved and benefitted the lives of all the people who use it. One such prime example of development is advertising. From simple bill boards to newspaper ads, advertising has become even more personal in the new age.
We live in an era where brands make the best use of any and every medium to help users access their product so that users become well acquainted with the press of a button. The trend of mobile app development has rapidly been growing over the past decade. And with the growth of app development for brands in the market, there have been several agencies emerging who excel in developing apps, optimizing and promotion them. Here is where Fruitbowl comes in.

Fruitbowl digital specializes in developing, optimizing and promoting–

•    Facebook Apps/Games
•    Windows Apps
•    Android Apps
•    Web Applications
•    Mobile Advertising
•    Location based marketing
•    Interactive games/widgets
•    Mobile Marketing Programs

As an agency, we give you expert advice on what kind of app development is the perfect choice for your brand, as well as taking into consideration what will be more beneficial to promote your brand among the masses.

The art of mobile application development is the always in the trial and testing phases. It involves writing software for tiny wireless devices. Mobile application development originates from traditional software development. One of its main stand points is that it makes the best use of unique features of each device.