Instagram goes on a hashtag-banning spree daily, which is much needed. There are thousands of hashtags used to share disturbing images and pornography, resulting into violation of Instagram’s public policy. But, things went out of control when Instagram banned #curvy for “irrelevant pornography”, as Instagram’s director of public policy stated.

Instagram user Vintageortacky questioned how the term curvy could be considered harmful after learning that the hashtag was banned.

Where, #curvy has been a source of inspiration for millions of overweight people around the globe, it also has been a hideout for nudity and pornography posts. A spokesperson for Instagram said the site will be: “limiting pictures appearing on the hashtag to those photos/videos that we are more confident will be ‘clean’.”

Currently, #curvy has more than 2 million regulated posts. Talking about #curvy, there are various other hashtags, which sound ‘clean’ but are major source for nudity and pornography. Where hashtags like #dildo and #vagina are still in use and ‘unbanned’, banning #curvy was one bizarre move.

This is not the first time Instagram has done something like this; there was a huge buzz when Instagram took down a picture posted by the artist Rupi Kaur. She merely woke up to her menstrual cycle, which is the most natural process every woman goes through, the image contained no nudity, yet Instagram took it down calling it against its public policy.

Well, someone needs to get their policies straight.