We all know that digital revolution has marked the beginning of Information era. Rightly called as the third industrial revolution, India’s digital world has witnessed tremendous growth in the past decade.

Imagine a world without Internet? Once upon a time Internet was a luxury for the world. No wonder Internet was the basic fundamental idea for the development and advancement of digital technologies. It was by 2000 digital revolution had begun to spread all over the developing world. One would witness mobile phones and internet users grow during that period.

Technological collaboration with foreign companies was then started by Indian businessmen. In 2010, Internet made up about 25% of the world’s population. Also almost 68% of the world’s population were mobile owners by then.

Social media usage continues to grow around the world, with global penetration rates now in excess of 30%.India has contributed a lot towards digital marketing through social media. About 53% of India’s population uses Facebook and 44% uses WhatsApp. While Facebook and WhatsApp keep dominating the space but the growth of Google+ is interesting at a time, when it is dismantling itself.

Apparently as many have adopted the trend to start online business, only few had managed to standout from the crowd. Below is the list of Indian start-ups that have pitted themselves against Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc.


Launched by Shashi Tharoor on 7 January 2014, Poolwo is a social networking site created by a company based in Kerala. Registered members can enjoy sharing and reading blogs, articles, news and even browse photos & videos.


Just like Tinder, TrulyMadly helps you find singles trotting around you with the anticipation of becoming un-single.


You can call Mooshak an ‘Indian Twitter’ that claims its Twitter & WhatsApp in one service.


Add to an Indian start-up, InstaLively is an app that let you share your broadcast to Facebook, Twitter & even Youtube. It’s an app that is simple & easy to use with minimum learning curve.

How can one forget about the contribution of ‘Digital India’ initiative? Websites set up by the Indian government can help digitalize India where you can be a digital contributor. We all know that in the era of technology each one has a part to play. So through this initiative we are given an opportunity to delve into realms and make a difference.