Ever since WhatsApp introduced “read receipts” in the form of two blue ticks, there has been a chaos in the chatting world. This was how your chatting partner knew if their messages were seen.

But this move was universally frowned upon and people were waiting for a fix. Well, it’s here people. You can now disable this fix through one simple step. The updated version 2.11.44 (only available on WhatsApp’s site for now) has a new option under privacy settings. You have to go the Whatsapp site to download for now.




If you check “Read Receipts”, it will enable you to turn it off or turn it on. There you go. Problem solved.

But all this buzz has got us thinking whether the fix was a genuine release after all the noise or all this was a PR plan just to re-create the hype around the app. What are your thoughts peeps?