Social media is all about the people, the public, the audience. More audience insight equals effective communication. Hence, Facebook has launched its new audience insight tool which helps marketers know more about their audience. This includes the demographic as well as the behavioural data of your audience. It basically lets you know your audience before you roll out your budget. The data is collected from various sources primarily self-reported and off-Facebook. Self reported includes personal profiles and the latter includes external data.

Firstly you have to create an audience by choosing from people on Facebook, people connected to your page or through custom search. Next, you have to explore your data to adjust your audience by dividing your data into different tabs like demographics, page likes, location, etc. Then, save your adjusted audience.

This is beneficial for those who have their own start-ups because it gives an overview of the people visiting the page, other details and so on. Once the marketing professionals know about the insights like how many people live in proximity to their stores, what they shop, how they shop and many other things.

This is really profitable for those who want to extend branches of their business organisations but is simultaneously not that safe for those who prefer privacy.