Facebook has started rolling out a new sleek timeline for Facebook pages which will be beneficial for page admins and users too.

The biggest change in timeline is The biggest change is the Timeline for Pages design: all posts are now in one column, just like on user profiles. As a result, posts will appear the same on your Page as they do in the News Feed (stacked on top of one another, as opposed to staggered from left to right).

The biggest change is the timeline for the Facebook Page : All posts have now been aligned in one column,just like on user profiles. Therefore, Posts will appear in a same manner as they appear in a news feed. The timeline will show the posts one after another versus the old timeline which used to show posts left and right.

Here’s how it will look :




Here’s how the information related to page will be displayed :
The tabs which were previously on the top have now been removed. The information related to the page will be displayed to the left  including a map, possible hours of business, phone number, website URL, as well as photos and videos.

We have something for the admins as well. Page admins will also be having a fresh look to view information about the ads they’re running, new likes, unread notifications, and messages no matter where they are on the Page.



Facebook has also added new navigation options at the top for accessing Page activity, insights, and settings. The new Build Audience menu takes admins to their Ads Manager account.

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