There’s something about color that completely amazes me. The effect they have on how we see things & how we perceive things. There’s been a lot that has been said on color theory but this one infographic summarizes pretty much everything, helping us save time & efforts.

This infographic by Designmatic has summed up 10 cardinal rules of color scheming and acts as a guide when it comes to choosing colors. Matching colors is not everybody’s cup of tea but one can always try. Here are the ten commandments :

1) Know the color wheel well. Every color signifies something. Know what it is.

2) Analog colors work too.

3) Complementary colors are your safest bet.

4) If you think contrast is too intense, split it with complementary.

5) Experiment with double complementary color scheme.

6) Three is not too much. Not unless you know how to use it.

7) Sometimes monochrome is just what you need.

8) When in doubt, go black & white

9) Get a sense of understanding of your hues, tints, shades & tones.

10) This one is my favorite : RGB, CMYK & Pantone are NOT the same.

What do you think peeps, life saver ain’t?

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