Well, Even if the title of the post is one of the tagline which belongs to the BJP party. We are going to talk about how Social Media has helped in creating awareness on social media. The BJP party and its prime ministerial candidate seem to be the flavor of the season. Over the few months, the party’s relentless campaigning on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has been viral and has topped in terms of popularity and favorability. Ironically, even Arvind Kejriwal, a leader who popularized the Twitter wave in politics, seems to be the runner up in this race and not to forget, Congress, who although are there in the media for all the wrong reasons.

The main reason behind the campaign going viral is putting themselves out of Meme. Well, we don’t know if that was already thought of or even the universe is in the favor of BJP!

namo sarkar



And their very touching ad of “Janta Maaf nahi karegi


which was a Tv ad portraying the true heartfelt feelings of a common man towards the current government which then went viral on Facebook as a Meme. Look at the page which just publicized it in overnight.





There were facebook pages dedicated just to troll them.

Someone rightly said, Good Publicity or Bad Publicity. It is PUBLICITY!