Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

The world is going digital, and most importantly India is going digital. All thanks to our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We all love being in the digital world which is the virtual world. With the advent of personal computers, internet and smartphones, the world has swiftly adapted to the digital mediums for staying connected with their friends and families. People spend half of their time on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google, Youtube, etc. This has created a great opportunity for marketers and companies to interact with the users which eventually end up being their customers. Companies have realized this digital transformation and started approaching digital marketing agencies for the same. We see digital advancements every other month or year as it is a small but a fast-changing world. In this article, we will discuss the latest digital marketing trends of 2017.

1) Live Video Broadcasting:


Brands have smartly integrated live videos as part of their digital marketing strategy. The idea behind leveraging live videos is to engage with fans or customers in real time, create brand awareness, boost the engagement rate on social media platforms, increase conversions and build a happy community. Live video broadcasting should be entertaining, arouse interest in the eyes of the viewers and compel them to take the desired action. You can give your audience a behind-the-scene glimpse of your business, create a how-to or d-i-y tutorial of your product showcasing its benefits to the customer, host interviews, have q&a sessions or showcase events in real time. Live Video Broadcasting was initially introduced by Periscope and Meerkat, later on adopted by Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, and will be one of the digital marketing trends to look out for in the year 2017.


2) Augmented Reality:


With the humongous success of augmented reality games like Pokemon Go, people have witnessed a never-seen-before phenomena. Did you ever imagine Bulbasaur or Pidgeotto hiding behind your cupboard at your home or at the garden which you were afraid to go at night because you thought there was a ghost but was actually a ghost Pokemon? Ingress’s monetization strategy connected the digital world with the outside world with the help of sponsored portals like Zipcar and Jamba Juice, where players used passcodes to gain special items in the game. Such sponsorships increased the business sales and gave gamers a reason to become paid customers. We can expect businesses to leverage the world of augmented reality and incorporate it as part of their digital marketing strategy.


3) Snapchat and Instagram Stories:


The young audience has migrated from Facebook to Instagram and now to Snapchat. Snapchat has 150 million+ user base, while Instagram has 500 million+ user base. Snapchat’s interesting filters and stories have retained the young audience. Instagram later adapted the stories feature of Snapchat. Brands, celebrities, bloggers and small businesses are leveraging Snapchat and Instagram stories to create brand awareness, increase website traffic, run flash sales and contests. Brands like Starbucks, Gatorade, Cadbury and Taco Bell have taken digital marketing to a new level by coming up with branded filters on Snapchat. Well, who wouldn’t want to experience a brand they love the most?


4) Marketing Automation:


A smart marketer should automate the tasks which are performed more than 3 times a day. Enter, marketing automation. Marketing automation not only saves time but also increases the productivity, customer engagement and boosts sales. Effective email marketing is about sending the right email to the right person at the right time. Email marketing tools like Infusion Soft, Mail Chimp and Drip can help you with email marketing automation. Social media posting can also be automated with tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Gramblr.


5) Virtual Reality:


We are discussing digital marketing trends and how can we forget about virtual reality technology. This technology took the digital world by storm and marketers are leveraging it to provide their customers a virtual reality experience of their products and services. Luxurious car companies like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi have started making use of this technology to provide a 360° virtual reality experience of their high-end cars, which has not only saved the cost of having an actual showroom but has also helped to increase the company sales. A Chinese smartphone manufacturer leveraged Loop VR during the grand launch of its flagship mobile phone to educate its customers about the features and specifications of the One Plus 3.


6) Personalized Video Ads:


Personalization has always been the key to success in the world of marketing. What started as putting your customer’s first name into an email message has since erupted in many ways to personalize the experience for different individuals and companies. Imagine a video advertisement saying your first name or your company name and inviting you to try out their new service or product. Now, imagine a video advertisement showcasing images of your website and how it can be improved with new technology. This level of personalized video advertising will soon become a digital marketing trend. The benefit of personalized video advertising is that it will not only increase engagement from consumers but will also yield a better return on investment.


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Mannequin Mania On Mine, Your’s And Everyone’s Mind

Mannequin Mania On Mine, Your’s And Everyone’s Mind

The internet sees all and bears all, valiantly. In 2013, it saw the dawn of other-worldly dance form in the guise of convulsive and flailing movements with the Harlem shake. In 2015, it saw the users dumping ice-cold water and ice-filled buckets on their head with the ALS ice-bucket challenge. And now in the year of 2016, everybody make way as it is (drum roll please…) Mannequin Challenge time!

Which started off with some bored kids trying to have some fun in America, the Mannequin challenge soon spread like a wildfire. People all over the world are going crazy with this new fad. Celebrities like Adele, DJ Marshmello, Nina Dobrev, Kate Hudson, Ellen DeGeneres and many more have been a part of this trend. Not just that, Hillary Clinton, too had jumped on the bandwagon during the Presidential elections. To urge the Americans to vote and in an attempt to connect with the youth of America, she had taken part in this raging trend. Not that it helped her win the coveted chair.

[youtube id=”tQGUW9CgIiY” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

Everyone wants to be a part of this hot and fun trend, although it does not have a fun end for some. In Alabama, a group of men learnt it the hard way. They staged a shootout scene for their Mannequin Challenge, which led the cops to raid their house after watching the video and arresting two men after the seizing several firearms and drugs. Not funny for the armed men but definitely a coup for the law enforcers.

[youtube id=”Phjuijv7Y2k” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

It certainly is fun, to choreograph a particular scene wherein everybody is a statue. Brings back memories of our childhood. Aah! What fun, it used to be. And this bug has not just bitten the Hollywood, it has also gripped Bollywood. Stars like Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez are part of this trending trend.

Brands and corporates, too are sitting up and taking notice of this latest mania. Not just noticing, in fact, they are participating in it. The JW Marriott hotel, Universal Music India had posted a video of the Mannequin challenge which garnered immense views. Mixing business with pleasure is definitely paying off. Since it is a global phenomena, it helps the brands to connect with the youth in this amusing way.

Quirkier the video, the better chance it has to go viral.

So what are you waiting for? Get your freak on and Ready, Steady, Freeze!



We, the members of human race, are constantly making use of the ever evolving technology. And now every aspect of our life has gone online, taking even the business end there. Right from advertising to selling, every aspect has gone digital.

Since social media sites are so popular among the masses, targeting the consumers there has become extremely easy. Facebook has now become one of the leading breeding grounds for business and advertising, since it is used by one and all. The exposure is limitless and so are the business opportunities, if the advertising hits the target.

Often, ‘Likes’ are considered the primary parameter to gauge the success of the ad campaign, but that’s an urban myth. Depending on the intent, there are different parameters to suggest if it will fly high or fall flat. To rate the success of the ad, reach, impressions, engagement, and conversions are the key factors to be considered.

The main idea behind advertising is ‘To Sell’, but before that it’s also for exposure, visibility, visits to the website, engagement (likes, shares, comments) on the Facebook page.

So let’s take one objective at a time and look at the different criterion to see how they can be tackled with ease

To Generate Leads

Advertising, usually, is done for people to sit up and take notice of the brand. So when the same is done for Facebook ads to get the users visit the website, the likes and comments shouldn’t even be on the list to judge; although it’s a nice side benefit if you get them.

What should be taken into consideration are the number of visits on the website (it’s vital to have one) and the CTRs (click through rate) to keep a count on how many new users/visitors you got on the website.

So the rate of success of the campaign is directly proportional to the number of new users/visitors on the website.

Branding And Awareness Campaigns

When you want the world to know about your not non-existent company, the online ad helps you in gaining visibility. Here, the impressions and reach of your ad matters. Not just that, the Facebook page of the company is also of utmost important. So it is imperative that the Facebook page is pretty and fun as only then the users are inclined to engage.

Here the likes, shares and comments are the lifeline of the campaign.

So the more engagement on your page, the more favourable outcome for your ad campaign.

For Sales

The ultimate goal for any business is to sell and it’s no different even for the ads on Facebook. So to assess if the campaign has been a crowd-puller or a flop, the elements to be considered are the number of clicks, the number of conversions, the number of add to carts and the number of actual sales.

Keep calm and create an Ad. Who knows? It might go viral!

Take your content marketing to the next level

Take your content marketing to the next level

Content marketing has evolved into a major component of marketing strategies for companies of all sizes today. If done the right way, it can deliver amazing results. But you have to make sure that the strategy is mapped out in the right manner.
However, in order to create successful results, keep in mind that you execute a very different style of writing than what you have learned in your English class or in your business school. How do you make it work for your business?
First thing; you need to focus on is the way you write. It’s better if you keep your writing informal but also add a touch of professionalism to it.
Avoiding text speak and racial or gender based language can help your content have an impact on the audience in a positive way. Content marketing is best presented in an environment with a story. If the story grabs the attention and interest of your audience, it can take your business to new heights.
Providing relevant content to your business is the next tip to boost your content marketing business. No matter how fascinating the latest pop culture moment might be, but if it doesn’t relate to your business, you should not share it on your social media page.
Your content should educate your audience, inform them and also create engagement on your page. Moreover, it should also entertain them in some way or the other. You could also add humour to your content depending on the topic you choose. Since your brand or your product is a mediator between you and your audience, the information you share should connect back to your story. This certainly will provide you a great opportunity to build quality links and SEO friendly content.
Make use of outlines to keep your content focused. Your story should have a beginning, middle and end. Also time your stories for maximum relevance and use editorial calendars to avoid repetitive content.
Reading blogs and essays can of course help content writers to create one classic piece of writing. Look for different types of content that the site posts and consider what gets the most responses and comments.
Scrutinise the presentation of the content and also the kind of language used. How do you invite people to join the conversation? Ending your post with an engaging question can be one way of boosting engagement.
You can also create a poll on your blog and ask people their reasoning. Make your story personal and compelling for the audience by inviting them to post pictures or videos of themselves.
The struggle for attention with content marketing is real, but as we can see for ourselves, it is not a paradox at all. Interactive and visual communication is changing the way content is shared and consumed. All you have to do is pay a little more attention to consumer behaviour and apply these tips to improve your content marketing business. What other tips do you think will encourage your content marketing business?

Let your social media strategy catch’ em all! (By using Pokemon GO)

Let your social media strategy catch’ em all! (By using Pokemon GO)

Are you sick of hearing about everyone talking about Pokemon GO on social media? The success of the game came overnight with an outstanding number of users who immediately began downloading the free app despite it being unavailable in most countries.
Millions of people worldwide have downloaded this game since it has released. The app that allows you to follow a map using your phone’s GPS location data and catch Pokemon to train and send in to a battle can surely do wonders to your social media business.
Whether you agree or not, play it or not, like it or not, you cannot ignore it. That’s why it’s time for your business to capitalize on it.
First and foremost, Pokemon GO is most vital and impactful for those businesses that have a physical location.
There are many ways by which you can encourage Pokemon chasers and increase your business.
1. You need to find out if there is a Pokestop or gym for immediate and easy results. Just incase if you are not near a Pokestop you can actually submit a request to become one.
2. Chip in more money to buy lures to attract Pokemon to your location. The more Pokemon, the more people.
3. If you want Pokemon Go players to play at your business, there are two important things you need to keep in mind: Wi-Fi and charging stations. You can use any kind of social channel or signage to let the players know that they are always welcome to come and play.
4. Another important thing you can actually do is to offer discounts or any other incentives to players who purchase in your business.
After you know that you have Pokemon in your area, you can now use social media to your advantage.
You can use Snapchat as a way to boost up your business while simultaneously using Snapchat filter with your business name and a Pokemon theme and encourage people to use the filter when they catch a Pokemon in your location.
Buying Facebook and Instagram ads to promote business as a hotspot for Pokemon can work wonders. Tell people how many Pokemon you have actually caught through real-time updates by using Twitter or Snapchat.
You can get more people to your area if you are offering discounts or incentives by advertising them on social media. Make use of location specific hashtags for your local area or business.
Restaurants can also have Pokemon themed cocktail or appetizer. But you need to make sure that you are using #PokemonGo or #Pokemon on your posts.
Since Pokemon Go is all about walking by various places and being out in the “real” world, you need to find ways to get into these places. Collaboration with local business to include your logo or signage will help people see your business info.
You could reward your customers who take Pokemon photos with your items in your photo through branded products or items.
Incase your employees are playing Pokemon, you can show their play on social media channels by showing what level are they at, what rare Pokemon have they found.
As you see Pokemon has a lot of potential for local as well as non-local businesses. It’s all about strategizing and using it in the right way to boost your local business. When are you using Pokemon GO to increase your social media business? What do you think about this new craze?

Instagram Logo

Instagram Logo

Instagram took the world by storm, after it changed its logo out of the blue purple-slash-pink-slash-yellow. What’s more, it wrecked hearts exactly like a storm wrecks lives.

The old Instagram logo had come to be an icon, of sorts, for storytellers; photographers; selfie-takers; food-makers; bathroom-goers…you get the point.

Even food had come to be shaped in the iconic logo for Instagram addicts.

Another fine example of changes being made for absolutely no reason, there is quite literally nothing right about the new logo. In all honesty, it barely even looks like a camera. It just looks like a fairly uneventful mess of watercolors splashed inappropriately over a scrap of paper, which upon realisation of the fiasco, has been covered up in a feeble, child-like attempt with a white square that’s supposed to look like a camera.

It also looks like a scarily inaccurate attempt at making a logo with the colors of a galaxy, but using 50 wrong shades of galactic colors.

Come on, Instagram, get your shit colors together!

Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope !!!!

Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope !!!!

Being a digital agency, we love to keep an update of what’s going around the social media.

Influencers can prove to be one of the best practices to amplify your brand’s presence online or offline. Influencers are the best choices to get your message buzzing over the wide-spread social media. These influencer campaigns need to be managed smartly and strategically or they can go drastically wrong.

Have a look at this campaign we came across, on twitter –



















unnamed (1)


















Looks like they forgot the main part here, maybe they just had a certain budget allotted which they smartly divided into ‘x’ number of influencers with ‘n’ number of fan followings, but they missed on the strategy part.

Apart from this, we have witnessed some really brilliant influencer campaigns and we think, influencer campaigns if planned well, can be the best source of organic interaction and engagement for the brand.

Here is all you need to do for a successful influencer campaign.

1. Set Relevant and Achievable Goals – Every successful campaign starts with setting of a certain goal to achieve, a campaign without goal is like a rollercoaster with no rails – no controls, you don’t know where you’ll end up being.

2. Pick The Right Match Influencer(s) – The influencers you select play a major role in making or breaking of the campaign. The influencers need to be selected on the relevance and influence factors.
(Noob tip: Don’t go for influencers if you see #follow4follow or #like4like)

3. Organic Brand Integrations – A brand needs to understand the difference between organic and paid promotion. There has to be a balance between the content and strategy. The best way to manage content is by giving the influencers creative guidelines and a creative freedom, because an influencer knows its audience better.

The Alpha-Bet

The Alpha-Bet

Yes, it is true, Google now has a parent company. As crazy as it may sound, but Larry page came up with this revolutionary decision in reference to their 11 year old letter which stated that “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.”

So what is Alphabet?

Alphabet is a new entity that would manage multiple companies, Google being one of the largest in them. “Our company is operating well today, but we think we can make it cleaner and more accountable. So we are creating a new company, called Alphabet ( I am really excited to be running Alphabet as CEO with help from my capable partner, Sergey, as President.”, Larry announced in the latest blog.­

Larry appreciated Sundar Pichai’s contribution to Google by announcing him as the new CEO to Google. Well, as not many know, Sundar Pichai was Product Manager for Google and was the one behind the success of Chrome, Chrome OS and Chromebook.

Well, we guess we should be ready for more shocks and surprises coming from Alphabet and its future acquisitions



Wohoo, yet another ban is here and this time it’s none other than our beloved ‘porn’ *sarcastic drumrolls*. This calls for a celebration, doesn’t it? Like we have another pointless ban added up in our oh-so-called much needed action list.

Let’s see people’s reaction on this






































Okay, let’s get it straight. There are thousands of porn sites and a thousand ways to access them. Banning them on Indian ISPs is not the only solution.

Also, There are tons of vulnerable issues around internet but porn. It’s one of the best sources for one to fulfil his/her fantasies which, if not satisfied can lead to something as serious as rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence out of frustration.

Let’s have a look on some serious issues on the search engine –

1. How to make homemade bombs?






2. How to make a real gun?






3. How to grow weed?







Oh btw, is banned as well. Gagging is not just related to porn; can we just grow up to something more serious?




Instagram goes on a hashtag-banning spree daily, which is much needed. There are thousands of hashtags used to share disturbing images and pornography, resulting into violation of Instagram’s public policy. But, things went out of control when Instagram banned #curvy for “irrelevant pornography”, as Instagram’s director of public policy stated.

Instagram user Vintageortacky questioned how the term curvy could be considered harmful after learning that the hashtag was banned.

Where, #curvy has been a source of inspiration for millions of overweight people around the globe, it also has been a hideout for nudity and pornography posts. A spokesperson for Instagram said the site will be: “limiting pictures appearing on the hashtag to those photos/videos that we are more confident will be ‘clean’.”

Currently, #curvy has more than 2 million regulated posts. Talking about #curvy, there are various other hashtags, which sound ‘clean’ but are major source for nudity and pornography. Where hashtags like #dildo and #vagina are still in use and ‘unbanned’, banning #curvy was one bizarre move.

This is not the first time Instagram has done something like this; there was a huge buzz when Instagram took down a picture posted by the artist Rupi Kaur. She merely woke up to her menstrual cycle, which is the most natural process every woman goes through, the image contained no nudity, yet Instagram took it down calling it against its public policy.

Well, someone needs to get their policies straight.

Can’t find it? Just Tweet It!

Can’t find it? Just Tweet It!

How we see Google Search and Twitter Update?

Google SearchUntitled-1








How does the CEO of Frito-Lay see them?

Google SearchGoogle Search







Well, here’s what happened.





















































































No one can tweet just one.

The Facebook’s Feminist Makeover Story

The Facebook’s Feminist Makeover Story

Well, Facebook is going under minor makeovers again, and this time, it’s not about the features.
For all the design-nazis and femi-nazis out there,
Facebook revealed its new logo, which will be seen across its site and apps soon.

Old Logo –





New Logo –





While Facebook’s designers called this change to be “grown up and to be taken seriously”, the reactions from a few other designers were completely insane.

















Apart from the negatives, Facebook’s new logo was hugely appreciated.

Talking about logos, here’s something more interesting,

Facebook recently hired Caitlin Winner as their Design Manager and she found some of the logos quite upsetting.

For example,

1. The Friends icon had a Male icon overpowering the Female icon. The Male icon had a nice spiked hairdo, while the Female icon had a Death Vader-like helmet hairdo, which tempted her to mess around with the company glyph kit and make some changes in the logos.









2. Also, the old ‘groups’ icon featured two men and one woman, the woman sat in the back, left behind the larger centered man. So yeah, Caitlin Winner tweaked the logo and placed the lady first.








Well, these changes don’t mean you won’t get those spam-ish updates in your news feed or get you rid of those stalkers drooling over your profile pictures. But then again isn’t that the reason why social media is still relevant?

iAid – Vision, for the visually impaired

iAid – Vision, for the visually impaired

18 year old Alex Deans surprised the world by inventing ‘iAid’, a cloud-based companion device for the visually impaired to help them navigate around effortlessly.

iAid looks like a joystick and is equipped with ultrasound, GPS and cloud features which helps it create a virtual environment around it. Alex got this idea while he helped a blind woman cross the road. He started working on it since he was just 12, it took him three years to develop the first prototype and now, he has a fully functioning device, which is a revolution in itself.

Here is what Alex has to say about iAid

Are We Taking Chinese Competition A Little Too Seriously?

Are We Taking Chinese Competition A Little Too Seriously?

So yeah, our beloved Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) announced a strict ban over the fried food, especially Chinese food stalls around schools in Mumbai.

* Two minutes of silence for all the Chicken Fried Rice and Manchurian lovers*

Well, it’s heartbreakingly sad for all of the kids who opted for Chinese stalls after the “revolutionary” Maggi ban all over the country.  The main reason of ban here, is Ajinomoto (MSG) all over again.

Let’s just say, this is some kind of conspiracy by the saviours of the nation, or maybe it’s some kind of secret diet conspiracy for a healthier population.

Digital India Week – A Complete Digital Makeover of the Nation

Digital India Week – A Complete Digital Makeover of the Nation

There has been an ever growing buzz about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his take on digital media. He has been making the most use of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to communicate.

Digital India Week initiated with a vision of transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

The Prime Minister has a long intensive timeline to give India a complete digital makeover which includes

  • Kickass digital connectivity all over the nation(including 250,000 gram panchayats)
  • Digitalization for hospitals and scholarships
  • Supporting innovative start up ideas.
  • The innovative Internet of Things(IoT) Technology
  • Portal/Forum Websites and Mobile Apps (That actually work)

And where there’s Modi, there are industrialists pouring out tons of money. We can see a lot of Capital Investment and lot more job opportunities flowing in for this revolutionary initiative.

We’re sure that this digital revolution would boost India’s overall development and we’re looking forward to the upcoming innovative initiatives.

Facebook supports GIFs, yet again.

Facebook supports GIFs, yet again.

GIFs have been on the internet for around 25 years and the trends for GIFs are ever increasing.









Social Networking and Blogging sites that support GIFs –

• Tumblr – One of the major platform for bloggers, where bloggers are been using animated GIFs smartly to keep their blogs entertaining and interactive.
• Twitter – Twitter recently announced their support for animated GIFs
• Pinterest and Google+ have been supporting GIFs.
• Blogging platforms like Blogspot and WordPress have been supporting GIFs and encouraging bloggers to use GIFs to keep their audience engaged.
Facebook supported GIF images when they were at the initial stage but later pulled it off as they found GIFs annoying on the timeline. However, after a decade now, Facebook supports GIFs again.









Facebook now supports GIF links and not GIF uploads, but it’s one smart move to keep the audiences interacting and entertained. Currently, Facebook supports GIF posts for individual accounts and not Business Pages.
Steps to post a gif on Facebook –
1. Go to platforms like Giphy, imgur etc and find/create a gif you wish to post. (Tumblr gifs are not yet supported)
2. Copy the link your gif.
For Giphy, click on the “share” button and then copy the GIF link. Pasting that link, which ends with *.gif, will result in happiness for everyone.
3. Paste it in your Status Update box and wait for Facebook to crawl the link.
4. Post and see it rolling.
Facebook currently supports GIFs on individual account and can be viewed and posted from Desktop or Mobile App.
We, at Fruitbowl Digital are eager for the “Business Page” support as it is one of the most effective way to engage and entertain the audiences.


Windows 10; FREE FREE FREE!

Windows 10; FREE FREE FREE!

Microsoft announced Windows 10 a while back, stating the upgrade would be free. Some of us were skeptical about it, but it actually happened! Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 users will receive free upgrades to the new and improved (hopefully) operating system. Those of you who are pirates will have to shell out some major monies for the upgrade; ranging from Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 12000/-

According to Microsoft, the strategy has been implemented to battle the corporations fight against piracy, but it is also to cover up for the unsatisfied users from the Windows 8/8.1 version. As of now, you can sign up to reserve the update when it comes out, after which the upgrade will be free for a year. Anyone who upgrades after a year, will have to pay the full price. To be able to be eligible for the update, your system must meet the minimum requirements, have either Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 on your system, and must have installed the update called KB3035583. Post which your taskbar will get a Windows icon on it. Clicking on this will open a window that allows you to reserve your free Windows 10 Upgrade.

This seems to be a smart move on Microsoft’s part, since it will help them recover the consumers they previously lost with the Windows 8/8.1 version. They say the Windows 10 OS is more focused on consumers, but only time will tell if it works.

Crash and burn on the app-only move?

Crash and burn on the app-only move?

Myntra, the biggest fashion e-commerce website in India took a bold step and took down their website last week in an effort to draw more traffic to their mobile application. According to company quotes, 90% of their traffic and 70% of the orders are from their application.
It might seem absurd to those of us who have been using a desktop for as long as we can remember, but India has just started experiencing fast Internet on cellular devices, and buying a smartphone makes a lot more sense because it does all the work a computer would, at a much cheaper price. Adding seamless applications to this combination generates a better user experience.

“Fashion is a very personal experience. We believe that only mobile can truly deliver this experience as it captures user’s lifestyle and context in manner that no other medium does. Think of all the hardware and software features that one can leverage like camera, contact, location etc. to understand the user’s context and deliver the experience that is deeply personalized,”
-Mukesh Bansal, Myntra CEO.

Since the launch of the new strategy, sales have dropped 10% for the online retailer. Amazon and SnapDeal, the competitors, have shown no interest of following Myntra’s footsteps. They believe that a large amount of their users still use PCs to shop online, and they don’t want to force them to use a specific medium to access the website. Myntra defends their move by saying that they can focus development on the app, thus making the experience better for everyone.
Their move could be promising, or the 10% loss might be static, only time will show.

The Dollar A Year Billionaire.

The Dollar A Year Billionaire.

Billionaire, philanthropist, genius. Add a metal suit, and you’d have Iron Man. He’s not Tony Stark, he’s Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the man who made billions by building a website where people virtually live their lives. We all know him as the brilliant mind behind Facebook, but there’s a few things you probably didn’t know about Zuckerberg:

1] When he was just a high-school student, he built a program called Synapse, that used an algorithm to learn users’ music-listening habits. Both, Microsoft and AOL tried to buy it, but he just uploaded it for free instead.

2] Mark Zuckerberg has a paycheck of one dollar a year. [Excluding compensation for other expenses]

3] Mark doesn’t own a television set.

4] At the age of 12, he built an Instant Messaging program for his family to communicate on. It was called the ZuckNet.

5] Before he made Facebook, he made a website called Facemash, which rated his college peers based on their attractiveness. This, was criticized for objectifying women later.

6] The prodigy started off with a simple C++ for dummies book his parents gifted him when he was a kid.

7] When Facebook was new and gaining popularity fast, he gave out cards that said this.

8] He wears only one grey “Facebook” t-shirt everyday. Yes, everyday. Well, almost.

Although he is a billionaire, he’s not too flashy about it. He doesn’t drive flashy sports cars, and doesn’t believe in blowing money on generic billionaire stuff.  We’d say that adds on to his coolness, if becoming a billionaire in his 20’s wasn’t enough.

Sushma Swaraj; Putting the “Public” in Public Relations.

Sushma Swaraj; Putting the “Public” in Public Relations.

As citizens of India we have always had a rather cynical opinion about our Government, and the work they do. But Sushma Swaraj, our External Affairs Minister is hard at work and recently took to twitter to reach people, and people have been reached! Even with major international crises on her plate, she has been helping people using twitter as her forum. Here are a few Twitter threads exchanged between her, and people in trouble:

1] Her Ministry helped a woman in what seems like a hostage situation:

2] A woman and her child being evacuated during the Yemen conflict:

3] You can’t deny she has a bit of a badass quotient with this conversation:

We are the first ones to blame politicians whenever we get the chance; maybe we should also take the first chance we get to appreciate the efforts made by them.

The future is now!

The future is now!

Microsoft infused life into Holographic technology with its HoloLens; bringing the future to 2015. Microsoft HoloLens seamlessly blends high-definition holograms with your real world; thus making augmented reality a viable concept. With an integrated computing unit, the HoloLens has computing capabilities that exceed your average laptop. Say no to cables, or wires; just put them on, and get going!



Real time editing in 3D space! Source: Microsoft


The possibilities are endless! Real time gaming; imagine Mario running around on your table, squishing Goombas. Real time designing; imagine designing a car in 3-D space using hand gestures, then using a 3D Printer to breathe life into your design. Watching the TV without a television screen, GPS mapping on the road, and so much more. All you need is a HoloLens kit, and imagination.

The HoloLens also has built in speakers just over your ears, that use scientific mumbo-jumbo to induce something called “Spatial Sound.”  It characterizes how the human ear receives sound from a specific location, Microsoft HoloLens artificially creates sound so that you can hear holograms from anywhere in the room.  The speakers provide a precise audio experience without headphones that is immersive, yet won’t block out the real world.



If that wasn’t enough, it looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, but cooler! There is a lot of computer stuff happening on the inside, but for an average user, it spells magic on the outside.


The future is now. Also, at least you won’t look like this:




‘Quality over Quantity always’, says Facebook

‘Quality over Quantity always’, says Facebook

Facebook page likes to decrease from 12th March.

As we always know Facebook is always on its toes when it comes to experimenting and creating new policies for advertisers and page holders. In one such recent venture Facebook has announced that they’ve recently updated the way they measure how many people like your page. Pages may see a decrease in ‘likes’ after March 12, when they remove ‘likes’ from any inactive accounts.
An inactive Facebook account is one that memorialises deceased users, or were voluntarily deactivated.

Why this should not affect you?

As a Facebook page holder when you advertise your brand or products in the social market, the targeted objective is to find out how many people are aware about your brand or product, How many of these people will actually buy it ?

This is based on a direct relationship between the active likers of the page and the page activity.

Many popular brand pages are populated with ghost identities of people who don’t even exist in an irrelevant time and space. These inactive accounts do not contribute to the page growth and add to the brand value but just increase a number of fake likes.

These likes are of no use to you if the potential consumer does not understand your product and will not buy it or reciprocate to the posts that you update regularly.

Organic profiles or the active profiles of real users that like your page are what make up your consumer base. These people react and respond to various daily posts and also give positive as well as negative feedback for your advancement.

A decrease in likes should not be considered as a negative point but it should be considered as a chance for you to redefine yourself in the social market by catering to the needs of the real audience.

Official Announcement:


5th June, 2015. World Environment Day!

The one day of the year when everyone suddenly goes a lot greener than they had been all year is finally here. Everyone, including the PR teams of a few corporations. Some tweets so far have been pretty cool, and thought provoking, so we decided to get you a concise list of the best few:


Humor has always worked to grab attention, and to create awareness as far as we are concerned. Also, Comedy Central definitely won it for us.

From Snap Chat to Snap Cash!

From Snap Chat to Snap Cash!

The age old question of “how do you monetize Snapchat” has finally been solved for all the SnapChat users!

The popular chat medium has now introduced Snapcash, a way to send mobile payments to friends using the image sending-then-destroying service.

As a  users, you can now send money to your friends and/or other users simply by sending them a message with $, followed by a dollar amount. The money is sent using Square Cash’s email payment system, and Snapchat says Square is helping to secure transactions.

Now with this new feature, Snapchat will be on par with existing applications like Venmo and Google Cash

Do you think this is a bold move from Snapchat? Which other social mediums will start following this trend ?

New Mobile Friendly Test Tool by Google

New Mobile Friendly Test Tool by Google

Ever wondered if your site has what it takes to make sure it ranks good or if it would qualify to be a good mobile friendly site in Google’s eyes? To put an end to all these endless questions, Google has introduced a new tool.

Here’s the link :

Get ready to get a Pass or a Fail certificate from Google. The two results that show up are :

Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.
Not mobile-friendly

A few criterias on which Google evaluates your site is :

a. If your website has flash content
b. Readability of the text : Whether one can read the text without zooming in
c. Adaptiveness of the website onto your mobile.
d. Link placement is good enough for people to click on it with ease.

And we passed the test! *Woot Woot*

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 7.01.18 pm

Read everything there is to know about it directly from the horse’s mouth :



Some people say that by winning the Nobel Prize Malala Yousafzai joins Pakistan’s loneliest club on Nobel Prize winners. This prize might just the thing this nation needs at the time.

This 17 year old school girl is the prime survivor of a Taliban assassination attempt.  This is why her triumph is a historic day for the nation of Pakistan. This prize also makes her one of the youngest person to be awarded the Nobel Prize and also the second Pakistani.

In splitting the award between an Indian child rights activist and a Pakistani schoolgirl, the Nobel committee weighed years on animosity between two disputing nations.

Bollywood grooving on the Happy Song of Pharell Williams!

Bollywood grooving on the Happy Song of Pharell Williams!

The Happy Song by Pharrell Williams is like the new Harlem Shake in trend & the best part in it is that you get to dance more! Yayee!

We see many people doing it for their  different cities but what if you want to see Bollywood do it – Without taking much time,all the actors dancing peacefully without making any controversy, less gossip, much WOW? Yeah, Correct. It’s IMPOSSIBLE! 😛 & That’s when YOUTUBE comes to the Rescue.

Presenting to you a funny mash-up of all our actors dhinchak – ing on the Happy Song! Enjoy!

Click Me!  











Tell us in comment which actor you liked more? 😉