From Snap Chat to Snap Cash!

From Snap Chat to Snap Cash!

The age old question of “how do you monetize Snapchat” has finally been solved for all the SnapChat users!

The popular chat medium has now introduced Snapcash, a way to send mobile payments to friends using the image sending-then-destroying service.

As a  users, you can now send money to your friends and/or other users simply by sending them a message with $, followed by a dollar amount. The money is sent using Square Cash’s email payment system, and Snapchat says Square is helping to secure transactions.

Now with this new feature, Snapchat will be on par with existing applications like Venmo and Google Cash

Do you think this is a bold move from Snapchat? Which other social mediums will start following this trend ?



Some people say that by winning the Nobel Prize Malala Yousafzai joins Pakistan’s loneliest club on Nobel Prize winners. This prize might just the thing this nation needs at the time.

This 17 year old school girl is the prime survivor of a Taliban assassination attempt.  This is why her triumph is a historic day for the nation of Pakistan. This prize also makes her one of the youngest person to be awarded the Nobel Prize and also the second Pakistani.

In splitting the award between an Indian child rights activist and a Pakistani schoolgirl, the Nobel committee weighed years on animosity between two disputing nations.



In a nation like India, where the public don’t forget to litter on the streets more than once in a day it’s a wonder why we don’t have more campaigns like these integrated on a national level.

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is the first ever national level campaign that was initiated on the 2nd of October by the Government of India. This campaign started off to a great beginning where in the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself wielded a broom and started cleaning roads, becoming an inspiration for all! On the very same day Modi also addressed all the citizens of India asking them to join this campaign.

This campaign is one of India’s biggest cleanliness drive and & around 3 million government employees and students of colleges and schools joined this initiative.

So often we just pass by the real heroes of Mumbai, aka the BMC helpers who clean the roads on a daily basis. So for once it’s our turn to step into their shoes and know what it’s like to keep Mumbai clean. As a citizen of this vast nation, we hope that the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan continues for the years to come….



As experts in the world of media, it’s in the job description that we have to stay tuned to all the current news. So when we found out that the man behind Facebook aka Mark Zuckerberg was making his way to India specifically to meet our very own resident superhero and newly elected PM, we knew this was the stuff that made headlines.

As fellow Indian you might already know that our nation ranks high in terms of population and a large quantity of Facebook users are from India. According to Zuckerberg India has the potential to be the first country in which Facebook deploys drones to provide broadband connectivity in remote and inaccessible area.

Zuckerberg has big plans for the development of India’s internet usage. During his short stay here he travelled to as many parts of India as time would permit and spoke to people in different walks of life. India is a diverse nation and even in the 21st century a majority of the population do not have access to basic necessities let alone internet & social networking sites. He proposed that Facebook could contribute to India’s Rs 21,000-crore NOFN project on last-mile connectivity. He spoke of alternate technology such as drones and satellite communications playing a critical part in this last-mile linkage.

Under the government’s ambitious Digital India initiative, the government plans use the NOFN project to deliver e-services in areas such as health, education etc to every nook and corner of the country.

However Zuckerberg intends to target the end consumer–homes, schools, hospitals and other institutions which may require wireless technology, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. This is where Facebook senses an opportunity to use its yet-to-be-developed drones.

We completely understand why the Indian government is so keen on Facebook’s participation in helping to develop India’s Digital Programme. This whole plan has a lot of potential to help in develop the nation as a whole.

We completely understand why the Indian government is so keen on Facebook’s participation in helping to develop India’s Digital Programme. This whole plan has a lot of potential to help in develop the nation as a whole.

6 Media Trends you need to know about!

6 Media Trends you need to know about!

At Frutibowl, we aim at staying fresh with our campaign ideas and media trends!  Over the course of time, we have filtered through a lot of social media trends which have come and gone. Yet a there are a few that always remain.

If you’re new to the social scene, here are 6 very vital media trends that we think you should know of!

Micro Blogging

Blogging just got a lot less complicated.

Yes you read that right. Micro blogging is a rage among all the online bloggers over the World Wide Web.  Blogging doesn’t consist of paras and paras of content all over the place. Nowadays people add a more visual approach to their blogging experience. And in our experience this really works because with images attached it adds more of a ‘real life experience’ to the viewers.

Creative is King

Visual content has been king for a few years now. More than text it’s the creative that gain people’s attention. And if you have a good creative with the message shared properly, your creative will be a guaranteed hit! Users generally prefer posts containing images on Facebook and Twitter.

The Viral Experience

Youtube is the most growing medium of social interaction for the past few years. Someday it might just trump Facebook and twitter! Surprised?

Here’s why it is possible.

Youtube has seen the most explosive form of growth over a number for years, and 2013 was an important year that leads to this phenomenon. Small business owners have realized the importance of this medium and besides corporations, its normal people who have the potential to go viral simply by posting the content they prefer.

The Search Experience 

Did you know that Google indexes each and every of your Facebook status updates? It is a well known fact that the most important SEO ranking factors are directly related to social media. It is of great importance to a brand image that it retains a higher position in Google search ranking.

Methods of Monetization

The most sure way of getting is most amount of attraction on your social media activity is paid posts and promotions. This is an increasing trend nowadays. Paid promotions ensure that your target audience view the content you are sharing and ensures maximum virality.

Social Currency

Social Currency plays a vital role on the life of social media. All brands today aim to possess a strong social media presence or else their value is lost. Social Media is slowly becoming a foundation marketing component rather than an optional add on for any emerging business.

ALS Challenge

ALS Challenge

Step aside selfies! There is a new social media trend in town! Yes you heard that right, there is a new viral bug spreading on a global level including top names like Bill Gates, Roger Federer, Christiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, George W Bush, Mark Zuckerburg and many more celebs have joined in this viral bandwagon.

Feeling a little chill go down your spine at the thought of another viral sensation?

Brrr…. Well this is the trend that will give you the chills for sure!

The name of this global phenomenon called the ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’.

So if you’re lucky, you get nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, while nominated you have to dunk yourself in icy cold water ( preferably get it on camera so that there’s proof that you did it) and you get to nominate 3 other people to take the challenge. And the catch is they get a deadline of 24 hours to complete the challenge! Sounds cool right?

What exactly does ALS stand for?  

No clue? Ok GK Time.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) — Lou Gehrig’s disease in North America, and rarely Charcot disease—is aneurodegenerative disorder with various causes. The term motor neuron disease (MND) is often used interchangeably with ALS, while others use it to refer to a group of similar conditions that include ALS. ALS is characterized by muscle spasticity, rapidly progressive weakness due to muscle wasting. This results in difficulty speaking, swallowing, and breathing. The disease usually starts around the age of 60, except in cases that are directly inherited when the usual age of onset is around 50.

The average survival from onset to death is three to four years. Only 4% survive longer than 10 years, although rare cases survive 50 years or more. Most die from respiratory failure in much of the world rates of ALS are unknown. In the United States, more than 5,600 are diagnosed every year, and up to 30,000 Americans are currently affected. ALS is responsible for 2 deaths per 100,000 people per year.

So why are these celebs dunking themselves in icy cold water you ask?

By taking part in the ice bucket challenge people all over the world have helped massively by donating and spreading awareness about this disease.

So far the ALS community have received around 111.6 million in Ice Bucket Challenge donations! This is probably one of the most viral causes to go around this year, and it includes the fun factor and the humanity factor into it. So if you get nominated, don’t chicken out! Sometimes a little brain freeze is good for the soul 😛

PS – Don’t forget to donate!

MumbaiMetro Assistance

MumbaiMetro Assistance

The much awaited Mumbai metro rail finally opened for public use this Sunday.

Thousands of Mumbaikars flocked to their nearest metro stations for their ride of the newest mode of transport in the city.

However, the Twitterverse was already gearing up for this D-Day months ago.

The official Mumbai Metro Twitter account has been giving out all the information, people need to know about this world-class mode of transport which has dramatically reduced the travel time between Versova and Ghatkopar, running through various locations like Saki Naka and Marol which are often prone to traffic jams. It has got about 1268 followers and counting.

Read More –

Social Media Day

Social Media Day

Here’s a day we are all thankful for! Social Media today has changed the way we communicate on a daily basis. Starting from the way we celebrate to the way we mourn and finally to the way we rebel – it has given us a platform to express what we want and do it at ease.

As the founding partner of Fruitbowl Digital, Mumbai’s Social Media agency, we have been working with biggest brands of the country. We saw brands from various sectors adapting to the social media wave. Brands from the FMCG & Apparel Sector were amongst the first ones to jump onto the social media brand wagon; followed by event planners, journalists, hotels, small business & surprisingly so POLITICIANS. We tracked how Barack Obama & Narendra Modi took advantage of this media to perfection. Social media is perceived as one of the most important marketing channels.  If you aren’t there, and your competitors are, you could be losing out on a major chunk of business opportunities.

Read More –

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits

Saying goodbye to a colleague is never easy. But saying goodbye to a best friend is even harder.

Employees always come and go –  but it’s the memories they leave behind and the impact they leave on our lives is something we can never forget.

Therefore on the final day we decided to have a special dedication for our departing Senior Developer so that his last day at FruitBowl would be something he remembered always!

Cake,Wishes,Videos, Laughter, A fake fan page & a staggering amount of selfies later the day had come to an end. Like we previously mentioned it’s never easy to say goodbye, and now that you have officially left the FruitBowl team and are now a ‘Dry Fruit’ we would like to wish you good luck in all of your future endeavors and always know that ‘Fruitbowl’ will always be the stepping stone which you had to cross to achieve success in life.

PS – Click here to see the ‘Friends’ video made by one of our colleagues. :)



See it your Way!

See it your Way!

While everyone is busy trying to advertise their products by hiring some celebrity or by sponsoring a glamorous event. It is in the small tricks of Advertising where we can grab attention of our users easily and amaze them by the way we advertise.

Canon did the same thing – Capturing every event, every moment,every occasion which is important in the life of an individual. Through just an eye! A Must – Watch advertisement to understand how minimalism is the KEY to grab a small space in the minds of your audience. Have a look.

Heart Touching Advertising

Heart Touching Advertising

When we say Advertising? What strikes us? Tones of brands trying to force their products by exaggerating their benefits, their ingredients and if that dosent work. The 2nd best formula – Hire any trending Superstar and ask them to promote the brand.

While others were busy trying to catch attention by portraying size zero girls with hordes of makeup on her and been retouched in Photoshop. Dove used a completely another formula! The Campaign done by Dove was really touching and an eye-opener. The campaign’s mission is to “to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety.” The Campaign was executed by Ogilvy & Mather Brrazil. Dove believed in what was the most necessary ingredient – To boost the self-confidence of the customer. The impact they created was penetrating into the minds of the customers and delivered their message flawlessly which was “You are more beautiful than you think”

Ab ki baar, Konsi Sarkar?

Ab ki baar, Konsi Sarkar?

Well, Even if the title of the post is one of the tagline which belongs to the BJP party. We are going to talk about how Social Media has helped in creating awareness on social media. The BJP party and its prime ministerial candidate seem to be the flavor of the season. Over the few months, the party’s relentless campaigning on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has been viral and has topped in terms of popularity and favorability. Ironically, even Arvind Kejriwal, a leader who popularized the Twitter wave in politics, seems to be the runner up in this race and not to forget, Congress, who although are there in the media for all the wrong reasons.

The main reason behind the campaign going viral is putting themselves out of Meme. Well, we don’t know if that was already thought of or even the universe is in the favor of BJP!

namo sarkar



And their very touching ad of “Janta Maaf nahi karegi


which was a Tv ad portraying the true heartfelt feelings of a common man towards the current government which then went viral on Facebook as a Meme. Look at the page which just publicized it in overnight.





There were facebook pages dedicated just to troll them.

Someone rightly said, Good Publicity or Bad Publicity. It is PUBLICITY!

Social Media Goofup : US Airways!

Social Media Goofup : US Airways!

We all use Social Media. So,when we have a complaint about a company, The first thing we do is we search for their Facebook Page/ Twitter Handle and tell them a complaint because we know its way too easier to get an immediate response than anything. But you never know what kind of an immediate reply that maybe!

Well,This is the case of US Airways. Recently when a customer complained about multiple delays of airlines, the kind of response the customer received was really something disturbing!


Well,the response the US Airways posted after this was a pornographic image of a lady using Air plane as a sex toy! The picture was posted on Monday that remained up for roughly one hour before it was eventually removed. Well, when the company and the customer were facing problems. Twitter users seemed to have a ball! 

Here are some of the hilarious tweets which will make you laugh out loud!

Remember this guy from Airplane? :)







Eventually,this was going to happen! No.1 Trending Topic!


Well, after a hour this is what US Airways had to reply. Poor People!


Mac Vs Windows

Mac Vs Windows


There is an always constant battle between the Mac and Windows ever since they were both created. And they havn’t been quiet about their dislikes for eachother either. Infact they have gone further to show how incompetent the other is.
The “Get A MAC” Campaign run by Apple is one of the most famous viral videos ever created amongst these two rival companies. What makes these ads most appreciable is the wit and humor used to counter attack the opponents products.
In 2010, Adweek declared “Get a Mac” to be the best advertising campaign of the first decade of the new century.
The “Get A Mac” was one of the most entertaining campaigns and ran for nearly three years. It garnered alot of media attention for Apple and promoted the brand as “laid back and cool” ie. the brand that we relate today.




Just take a look at this video! You won’t be able to stop watching it:

And here’s a Bonus Video, Watch it after you watch the above!


24 Hours of Job!

24 Hours of Job!

However you love you’re job, I am pretty sure you wouldn’t love it that much so as to do it all day!

And what if we tell you? There’s an attractive pay! You’ll think? Don’t!, because there is no pay!

Well,This is not the reality! This was a really pretty cool project from Mullen for.. You will get to know at the end after watching the video :)

An agency posted a job listing fora position of “director of operations” at a company called Rehtom Inc.

The requirements were inhumane! The conditions were bizarre and weird like Standing up almost all time, Working from 135 to unlimited hours,Degrees in Medicine, Finance and Culinary arts, No time to sleep.

Well,you are wondering about Vacations? Well,Sorry to tell but the work load goes up during this time! The job ad got 2.7 million impressions from paid ad placements. Only 24 people inquired. They interviewed via webcam, and their real-time reactions were captured on video!

Check out the Video. It is worth watching it till the end :)






We at our office celebrate some really weird days and hence, we decided to celebrate White Shirt Day! :)

We were all dressed in White shirts! The only way we were planning to making it memorable by taking some photos in weird way by placing GO-Pro on our cycle’s roof (Yes,We have a cycle hung to our roof. Cool,na?) So when our bosses left, We tried to click some of our pictures.

Here are some of those:

Amanda asking Rickie to teach her the pose

Amanda asking Rickie to teach her the pose

We actually tried to spin the cycle on our roof! 😀 Ok ok. We were spinning at our superficial pace :)

A decent picture of our team :)

2nd decent photo!

We are such a decent team na?

No more! (I mean No more for only that day) We thought of doing some fun and what else would be better than doing a Harlem Shake?

This video is just a trailer of how much fun we had. It is short because our designers too busy doing their work :( So that’s why we had to cut it in short.

Have a Look at it here.You can leave your comments by liking our page :-

This means War!

This means War!

Well over the last few days Life at Fruitbowl is under high radar. The members of our charade are always on their toes. Why do you ask? Well, there’s a battle going on! It may not be on the surface but under the serene surface there are currents raging.

Lesson 1: Survival of the fittest
I know you’ve heard our tagline – “Survival of the Freshest”, but with the dawn of freshness also comes the inert ability to be the fittest! And since we deal in digital..Well, you got to survive digitally..If you’re thinking a “digital war”.. Well, you’re quite right! To survive at Fruitbowl You have to learn how to battle. Weapons required are ‘stealth’, a ‘creative zing’, and ‘attentive mind’.

Lesson 2: Sharpen your swords
What we mean by that is ofcorse ‘Sharpen your skills’. What ‘Skills’ am I talking about? Well, do you have a fast tongue, or more specifically, fast fingers? Can you get into the enemy’s territory undetected? And leave it with a special distaste?

Lessson 3: Raise your Defences
While you might be raging someone else’s territory and breaking down their walls (or dirtying it with your posts), you got to protect your own! You can’t leave your space unsupervised. There are no sides. Every (wo)man for himself! Yup, Not even the interns are spared.

If you still wondering what historic, epic battle I’m talking about…There’s only one way to figure that out. Spend a Day with us.. Sign into your Facebook account while you’re here and then stroll around teh office. What happens next is…

fruit bowl mazza

Ahhhh Effect

Ahhhh Effect

After a tiring day, have you had a sip of coke and sighed out a relaxing ‘Ahhhhh!’..Well, if you have then you’re going to like what’s next. For… this blog is for all those who find comfort in the small sips that have a great reviving impact!
Well, many may not know this but Coca Cola works to the uttermost to provide their consumers with the ahhh effect. But it’s not just in their drinks…its on the digital platform too!! Coca Cola is known for it’s marvellous and engaging campaigns but with the website, they take it a step further!
This website transports you into an entire new world of CocaCola that is interweaved with the ahhh effect!

 coke5 coke3 coke4

The site hosts several other games and interactive microsites that are so addictive that you are tempted to try all of them!! Well, the real question is..How much of the Aaaaah effect can you take??
The website is a must to try! With it’s colourful and creative animations it will take more than a simple glance. You will be drawn to click on the colourful icons and try ! This is once again Coca Cola at its best! Or maybe I’ve just got the Ahhh Fever… It’s contagious I warn you!! Avoid the site if you don’t want to get hooked… Ohk.. Got to go.. My Game awaits!!

How to make your Videos go Viral?

How to make your Videos go Viral?

Your video has an amazing story with all beautiful characters and is fun to watch! But, it still hasn’t gone viral yet? It’s the title! Yes. Unless you have a catchy title that grabs your people’s attention and makes them eager to watch it, it’s not going to go viral!
1. Make it searchable
In order to make your Video go Viral, you need to make it Google- friendly first! You can do that by searching for the most common keywords by free tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Wordtracker. This will help your video get a lot of views and be exposed to more audience. Using the Google Keyword Tool you can look for the popular keyword tools that accurately reflect the conent of your video. Focus on the keywords that would appear on the first page but would not have much competition too!

2. Be descriptive
Awesome! Most- Watched – Refrain from such titles. Resist the urge to be overly clever, sarcastic or funny with the video title. Some video marketers try to use titles such as “You’ll be amazed to see…” or “You’ll never believe this” but if people do not know the content in video, such titles won’t help! Instead put clear titles of what you are going to show. A brief description and a thumbnail to support it. So from Must- Watch to Must Watch Soccer Skills would help.

3. Keep it under 56 characters
a. Google cuts off the titles after the 66 Character mark and since all videos which are posted on Youtube have “Youtube” in the start of their titles that means you have 56 characters at your disposal and to attract the audience.

4. Use them!
There are some words which have been shown to gemerate more clicks which will give good results when included in titles.
a. Video
b. Tutorial
c. Review
d. Test
e. What is
f. How to
g. Demo/Demonstration
h. Explained/Explanation
i. By using one of these words in your title, you’re likely to get more clicks.

You Just got Stumped!!

You Just got Stumped!!

With April fools just gone by, this post is dedicated to a prank that is making quite a few rounds on the internet. Uhmmm, but before we jump into the post let me ask you what are you expecting?
A silly prank between siblings? No.
Someone waking up to cream on their face? No. But quite close.
Someone waking up with nothing on their face. Surprisingly, the answer is Yes! Absolutely Nothing!

Check out this video! And you’ll get an idea of what I mean!
Well, lets say you wake up after getting zonked out only to find yourself in the air!
I mean, in the “air”!!! Falling at a tremendous speed! And the only thing you can think of is..
“What THE #$%#”! How DID I GET HERE!!”
..And as your mind tries to figure that out, your gradually getting closer and closer to the surface..And in a few minutes you’re going to be apple sauce on a side walk! But wait a Minute…
“Who the h%$# am I strapped onto?”

This prank was one of the craziest I’ve seen! Played on Youtuber Josh Paler Lin by his crazy friends. Trust me you would want to get friends like his! I’m sure their facebook page is flooding with new requests this minute!
Josh didn’t get up until he was suspended in teh air. His friends made sure hius ears were plugged so he wouldn’t awake from his slumber as they carried (read as ‘dragged’ ) his body from his home to the launch pad and strapped onto a professional!
You don’t believe me? Check the video out for yourself!
If I were you, I would already be scanning Facebook for his friends! I need friends like that!


Facebook rolls out New One-Column Timeline for Pages similar to user profiles

Facebook rolls out New One-Column Timeline for Pages similar to user profiles

Facebook has started rolling out a new sleek timeline for Facebook pages which will be beneficial for page admins and users too.

The biggest change in timeline is The biggest change is the Timeline for Pages design: all posts are now in one column, just like on user profiles. As a result, posts will appear the same on your Page as they do in the News Feed (stacked on top of one another, as opposed to staggered from left to right).

The biggest change is the timeline for the Facebook Page : All posts have now been aligned in one column,just like on user profiles. Therefore, Posts will appear in a same manner as they appear in a news feed. The timeline will show the posts one after another versus the old timeline which used to show posts left and right.

Here’s how it will look :




Here’s how the information related to page will be displayed :
The tabs which were previously on the top have now been removed. The information related to the page will be displayed to the left  including a map, possible hours of business, phone number, website URL, as well as photos and videos.

We have something for the admins as well. Page admins will also be having a fresh look to view information about the ads they’re running, new likes, unread notifications, and messages no matter where they are on the Page.



Facebook has also added new navigation options at the top for accessing Page activity, insights, and settings. The new Build Audience menu takes admins to their Ads Manager account.

Women’s Day Campaign by Young Energy Savers

Women’s Day Campaign by Young Energy Savers

Young Energy Savers is a brand which is all about educating youngsters about saving energy, protecting the environment and utilizing natural resources at its best.  On the occasion of Women’s Day,2014 we decided to use this opportunity to educate children about the extraordinary work done by Women all around our globe. We were really excited with the whole theme and started our research as soon as we got the approval. In no time, another beautiful idea pops in – i.e. to make a cover photo of all the women who did something significant in order to conserve our nature.

This is how it looked like:

 Women's Day

We decided to upload 3 posts and give some insights of their struggle and their achievements.

The 3 posts were as follows:

Navdanya Movement by Vandana Shiva:


Navdanya Movement led by Vandana Shiva which in English means ‘Nine Seeds Movement’ seeks to empower local Indian farmers to move away from growing any genetically modified organism (GMOs) on their land and return to organic, chemical-free practices. This movement has reached over 5,000,000 Indian farmers and created over 65 seed banks around India.

Navdanya fights to eliminate the commercialization of indigenous knowledge also known as ‘Biopiracy’.

Green Belt Movement by Wangari Maathai:



The Green Belt Movement which was found by a Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai. In June 1977, A few women planted 7 trees in Maathai’s backyard. By 2005, 30 million trees had been planted by participants in the Green Belt movement on public and private lands. (Such is the power of spreading positivity and doing good deeds).

Undoubtedly, this movement led by Maathai helped the rural women in getting self-employed.


A book which created Revolution: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.

Silent Spring – A book by Racheal Carson which was on the bestseller list for 10 years continuously in spite being criticized. She believed that human and nature are mutually dependent on each other. She argued that industrial activities such as the usage of pesticides can damage the earth’s ecosystem and will have far-reaching ecological consequences such as future human health problems.

Today, scientific studies have demonstrated these consequences.


We were really proud with our whole campaign, educating people about the extra-ordinary work done by extra-ordinary Women. This women were an inspiration to all of us and therefore, we choose to dedicate our Women’s day to them.

Visit our page here : Young Energy Savers